Common Problems That Lead to Pool Repairs

Having an in-ground pool in your backyard comes with certain responsibilities. You should continuously look for signs of distress and detect them early to avoid expensive pool repairs. Hiring a professional pool service can give you peace of mind, knowing that your service tech will always be on the lookout for potential issues.

Your pool will give you some indicators of existing problem areas, provided you learn to inspect it regularly. If you notice these problems, it is time to call experienced pool technicians to attend to these pool repairs.

Stained Pool and Deck

Pool areas such as walls, floor, tiles, and decks, may become stained and discolored over time. This damage is not superficial – these stains can indicate a deeper issue, such as cracks and leaks.

The pool may need resurfacing or a good scrub down with a specialized cleanser to remove mineral deposits on your tiles. Premier uses a glass bead agent that is soft and gentle on delicate surfaces.

We also provide stone, tile, and deck sealing to ensure that your pool patio space remains waterproof and moisture doesn’t enter the core pool shell.

Clogged or Leaky Pumps

Your pool pump circulates the water, forcing it into the filter which collects debris that enters the pool. To keep your pool clean and free from algae growth, the pump needs to be in shape.

Although the skimmer basket collects most of the floating debris, pet fur, pollen, and other matter may clog the pump and cause motor burn-out. Or the pump may leak if there is a worn pump lid or defective drain plugs. Either situation can lower the pump’s efficiency and lead to avoidable pool repairs.

Premier’s pool technicians can visually inspect for these issues during our residential pool service sessions. We provide regular servicing, and motor repair and replacement when needed.

Dirty Pool Filter

When you see cloudy, green, or murky water, it may be caused by your pool filter. You can get rid of the swampy look of your pool by backwashing the filter often.

Whether you have a DE filter, sand filter, or cartridge filter, we utilize the appropriate cleaning procedure. When we open the filter, we check for signs of damage, such as pinhole leaks or belly band O-ring problems.

Cloudy water may also be caused by motor maintenance completed at the incorrect temperature. Lack of proper water movement may cause motor issues. If the motor runs for too long or not long enough, your pool water will not circulate well. This can lead to higher electrical bills.

pool repairsFaulty Equipment Components

The best way to detect faulty pool components is by spotting a leak. Improper installations or worn-out parts, such as faulty skimmer gaskets, melted pump fittings, and shrunken threads, can cause pool leaks.

Freezing temperatures may damage pool equipment, which is why you need to follow the right pool closing method in winter. Premier Pool Service can implement the necessary steps to winterize your pool.

Proactively Determine Pool Problems and Prevent Costly Pool Repairs

Contact Premier Pool Service if you notice even a slight issue with your pool. Of course, when you have our experts taking care of your regular pool maintenance, they will spot the problems before you do. Get a heads up and prevent unwanted pool repairs now!