Premier Pool Service Can Professionally Drain Your Inground Pool

Quit often in order to make many repairs on your inground swimming pool it will become necessary to drain the pool so that a service technician can access the area of the pool that needs to be repaired. While many times it is possible to perform repairs with a Scuba crew without draining the pool, its always advisable to drain it if you have serious cracks, fissures or leaks that need to be repaired. Using a Scuba crew can actually wind up costing you more money then simply draining the pool to begin with. Its also advisable to contact a Pool Service technician to properly drain your pool. This is not really a DIY job as there are disastrous consequences that can come from improperly draining your inground pool that can seriously devalue your investment.

Premier Pool Service Can Professionally Drain Your Inground Pool

When a swimming pool is drained a hazardous side effect occurs created by the absence of water in the pool. As a result, improperly draining your pool can cause the following to happen. Premier Pool Service has the experience and expertise to properly drain your pool and avoid many of the unforeseen issues that can occur from neglecting to perform the necessary steps before beginning the pool draining process.

  • The pool may float due to hydrostatic pressure
  • The shell of the pool may crack
  • The plaster may blister
  • A person or animal could fall in the empty pool and injure themselves
  • Pool lights may be damaged or explode.

Always Remember This Importation Information When Draining Your Pool

The weight of the water in your pool helps it maintain its shape and structural integrity
Draining a pool may make issues like cracks in the plaster worse
Dumping pool water into the sewer is illegal in many areas of the country
You will be charged to refill your pool if you are on a water meter

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