We Install & Service Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

pool heat pumpYear-round enjoyment of your beautiful pool means relying on a pool heat pump that is dependable, easy to use, and programmable. Your pool has to be the perfect temperature when you’re ready to use take a swim. An energy-efficient pool heat pump and electric pool heaters help to keep water at an ideal temperature all year, and can extend the swimming season. In some areas, this means enjoying your pool year-round.

While a pool heat pump is a great economical choice for distributing water temperature, it will require service from time to time. Whether you are looking to have a new heat pump installed or have an existing one that is in need of repair, Premier Pool Service is ready to help!

We can suggest a new energy efficient product that will be the correct size for your pool, or analyze why your current pool heat pump is not functioning as expected. We can save you time and money, and provide ongoing support and service for the life of your pool heat pump.

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