Start Pool Service Franchise – The Best Time is Now!

Now is a great time to start a pool service franchise. The demand for pools has grown exponentially over the past few years, and since the onset of Covid-19, the pool building industry has exploded. Homeowners are investing in their own backyards, seeking the ultimate in staycation experiences. With this incredible increase in pool

Solar Pool Products

When you think of solar pool products, you might think it refers to pool heaters. While solar-powered pool heaters are a definite consideration, solar power can be utilized for so much more. When it comes to your swimming pool, you have many solar pool products to choose from. Solar Pool Covers Also known as

Testing For a Pool Leak

Testing for a Pool Leak - The Bucket Test If you’ve been conscientious about pool maintenance and suspect that your swimming pool is experiencing a loss in water level, you are likely concerned that you have may have a pool leak. It can be challenging to find the source of water loss. Excessive splashing,

Top 3 Reasons Why Pool Service Saves You Money

It's true that most people “could” take care of their own swimming pools. However, many pool owners lack the skills or the time required to stay on top of their big backyard investment. It’s not uncommon to see swimming pool maintenance end up at the bottom of a pool owner’s “to do” list. 3

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