How long should I run my pool each day?

This video will help you figure out how long you want to run your pool each day. There are a couple of factors. The size of the pool, different pool features, is it a pool and spa or pool only. And obviously, what time of year is it? In the summer you are going to run it more and in the wintertime, you are going to run it less.

The general rule is for every ten degrees of water temp is how many hours you want to run your pool for.

For example, if your pool water temp is 80 degrees. You want to run that pool for 8 hours. Now, that is just a guide.

Again, if you do a lot of swimming, if your dogs jump in there, you get a lot of vegetation that falls into that pool, you’re going to probably want to run it a little bit longer.

The other thing is, if you have a variable speed pump, which is great for energy saving, you usually are going to run it at a lower RPM.

A main single pool pump will run for 3450 RPMs. So if you have a variable speed pump that is running only 2000 RPMs, that ten or eight-hour window needs to be more meaningful.

I’m going to bump that up. Maybe that’s 12 hours. Maybe that’s 14 hours. If you run your RPMs low enough, you can run your pool for 24 hours and still save on energy with that variable speed pump.

So that is just a guide on how to help you decide how many hours you want to run your pool.

Now, the other thing is, in the winter, if your water temp is 60 degrees, you’re going to run it for 6 hours. But some things to keep in mind if you’re, say, in the Sun Belt area where you run your pool year-round, but in the winter time, you do see freezing or where you see a lot of your freeze guards that kick in around 38 degrees.

Those freeze guards are kicking in to protect your equipment. What a lot of people like to do is they’ll switch their equipment running from daytime to running at night, because those are also likely the time that your freeze guard’s going to kick in when temperatures are colder. That way, your pool is not running all day during its regular schedule and then kicking on all night because of those temperatures.

So those few months in the winter, if you want, you can run it at night and help save on energy. If you’d like to get more information reach out to us and talk to one of our pool professionals that would love to help you out.

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