Swimming Pool Tips: The Winterizing Process

Swimming Pool Tips for the Winter Months Premier Pool Service is providing swimming pool tips for this winter. There is a lot of responsibility when you have to maintain your swimming pool. During the summer there are procedures completed to ensure that your swimming pool is clean, and the same rules apply for in the

Maintaining your Pool Heater

A properly installed and maintained heat pump or pool heater can last five to ten years or longer, before having to replace or upgrade. However, if you follow these maintenance tips you can avoid common problems and extend the life of your pool heater. Your pool heat pump does not require a lot of maintenance.  The

Getting Rid of Algae from Your Pool

We all know what that green swamp like water is when you open your pool up for the summer, and if you don’t you’re in for a real treat. That green swampy consistency floating in your swimming pools is algae, a form of bacteria that has subtly taken over your swimming pool because there was

How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump?

Depending on the efficiency & effectiveness of your filtering system this determines how long you need to run the pool pump. Some other factors you should consider is the time of year, or water temperatures. The average pool pump runs 12 hours summer, and 6 hours winter; However, there are multiple variables that affect how much filtering