Why is my pool pressure low?

If you noticed that your pump is running properly and the pump basket is full of water, but your pressure gauge is really low. It’s due to potentially a few things. Let’s explore a few reasons your pool pressure could be low.

Clogged Impeller

One, you may have a clogged impeller, meaning debris has gotten past the pump basket either because it has a crack or when it was last removed and cleaned out. That debris gets through there and sometimes it just makes it’s way through, especially with like crate myrtles and those types of plants.

But it’ll get through the system into the impeller and actually clog up the impeller. So when it’s running, it’s not putting enough pressure back through the system and that can be a problem and reduce your flow, going to your pool.

There are many ways that you can repair that, but at this point, I would say contact one of our professionals to help you out with that.

Bad Impeller

Other things that you can do if you see low pressure is you may possibly have a bad impeller itself. It could be cracked or damaged. And within the pump housing, you have diffusers and diffuser O-rings and any one of those items could be worn out, broken, or missing.

And then you’re going to need to take the entire pump and motor apart to be able to diagnose that and repair it.

Again, I’d recommend contacting one of our pool professionals to help you with that.

Bad Pressure Gauge

The other one that may possibly happen and hopefully is the simple one, are you just may have a bad pressure gauge.

If you have good flow in your pool and it’s circulating well, but your pressure is really low, just give it a tap or a thump on it and see if the needle on it moves. It may be as simple as you have a bad gauge.

If you’d like to get more information reach out to us and talk to one of our professionals that would love to help you out.

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