Spa Blower Installation

Premier Pool Service Can Install or Repair Your Spa Blower

Spa blowers are also called air pumps or bubblers. A spa blower pushes air into the spa through small ports or jets, creating bubbles not unlike those found in a glass of champagne. Although water pumps create powerful pressure for the best massage, many enjoy the tingling sensation an additional blower provides.

In portable spas, most air blowers are installed inside the cabinet, protected from rain and moisture. These smaller units are installed below the water line, so they require careful plumbing to avoid water damage.

For in-ground spas with equipment outdoors, a weather-rated blower with a rainproof housing is mandatory. Outdoor air blowers are hard-wired, and can be mounted to a post or wall above the water line. In some in-ground spas, the air blower is used to super-charge the jets. This type of configuration is primarily used in spas connected to larger pools, where the pool pump is not strong enough to provide adequate jet pressure.

Premier Pool Service Can Install or Repair Your Spa Blower

Premier Pool Service provides residential & commercial installation service on Spa Blowers. If your spa isn't providing the calm, relaxing experience you want, it is possible that the blower needs to be replaced. Premier Pool Service will quicly replace your spa blower and restore your spa experience. To have one of our trained, professional service technicians help you with installing a spa blower, give us a call or fill out an online quote form.

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