Commercial Pool Service

swimming pool maintenance Whether it’s a hotel, resort, apartment complex, gym, or swimming facility, your commercial swimming pool must be properly maintained and balanced by a knowledgeable pool service technician. Entrust your swimming pool and commercial pool service needs to the professionals at Premier.

We understand the frustration that comes from pool closures due to improper pH levels or unsanitary conditions. It’s not just undesirable—it’s completely unacceptable.

Premier Business Service

At Premier Pool Service, we pride ourselves on our commercial pool service work. Our commercial pool maintenance program includes:

  • Cleaning your pool
  • Pump room duties
  • Pool deck safety
  • 10-point water test
  • Maintain water features

Number One Reason for Commercial Pool Closures

Improper water balance and equipment malfunctions are the primary causes of pool closures. It’s more practical and efficient to prevent a problem than to fix one, and that’s why Premier Pool Service’s commercial pool service is a proactive way to keep your pool safe facility, clean, and open for business.

What Types of Properties Use Premier Commercial Pool Service?

We’ve worked with nearly every conceivable industry that involves swimming pools and moving bodies of water. Whether it’s a pool for pleasure, exercise, tenants, guests, or simply for aesthetic purposes such as fountains, Premier Pool Service maintains practically any body of water. Here’s a list of a few industries in which we work.

Commercial Pool Maintenance Program

Below you’ll find all the services performed in our commercial pool maintenance program. Prices will vary by pool size.

commercial pool service

pool repair


Keeping your pool and spa sparkling clean is our top priority. When you sign up for service, Premier will...
  • Skim Water Surface
  • Vacuum Pool, Brush Walls, and Steps
  • Clean / Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Check / Adjust All Chemical Levels
  • Ensure Weir Gate is Functioning Properly
  • Ensure Main Drain and Equalizer Covers are ASME/ANSI and VGB Compliant
  • Check Water Temp on Spa
pool inspection board


Keeping your pool pump clean and functioning is important for pool health. Premier Pool Service will...
  • Empty Pump Basket, Backwash Filter
  • Check Gauges for Proper Operation
  • Check Equipment for Proper Operation
  • Fill Chemical Feeders
  • Record and Maintain Service Records
  • Report any Problems or Possible Violation to Manager on Duty
swimming pool shapes


Don't forget the deck! Premier Pool Service ensures deck safety and will...
  • Arrange All Furniture
  • Inspect Deck Equipment for Safety Compliance
  • Ensure Adequate Signage and Placards are Displayed According to Health and Safety Code
pool cleaning man


Keeping your pool water balanced is important to the health of your pool We will test...
  • Free Available Chlorine
  • Combined Available Chlorine
  • Total Available Chlorine
  • Bromine (if applicable)
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Copper
  • Iron

Commercial Pool Services We Perform

Here is a list of the most common pool services requested by our commercial customers.

Chlorine Washes
Main Drain & Equalizer Cover Replacement
Automatic Chemical Controllers
Automatic Pool Sweeps
Complete Equipment Replacement
Heater Repair
Energy Efficient Pumps
Solar Heating
Solar Activated / De-Activated
Hot Water Spa Expertise
Pump Seal Replacement
Pool Accessories
Filter Repair / Flow Improvement
Train Newly Hired Employees On Operations

Interested in learning more about Premier’s commercial pool service and how we can help you maintain your pool? Connect with a local service provider, or fill in the form below for a free quote.

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