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Pool Filter Service from Premier – Inspect & Clean Your Pool Filter

pool filter service

Pool filter service is necessary for nearly all residential swimming pools. 98% of residential swimming pools have DE (diatomaceous earth) or Cartridge Filters.

The remaining 1-2% are sand filters that do not disassemble and clean up without a sand change. Commercial and larger size or Olympic-size residential swimming pools, in comparison, are primarily outfitted with sand filters because they are more durable and less expensive to operate. Read more about the various styles of swimming pool filters here.

Four Great Reasons To Get Pool Filter Service

A dirty filter is the single most significant power drain in most swimming pools. Having your filter cleaned can save you money on your pool.

Don’t Void Your Pools Warranty – Get Your Filter Cleaned!

Most swimming pool filter manufacturers and swimming pool builders require regular filter cleanings to ensure warranties are not voided. They usually recommend filter cleanings every 3-6 months, depending on filter type and manufacturer.

It’s worth it to obtain a pool filter service for your swimming pool for the savings on electricity alone. The number of amps drawn when running your pool with a clean filter is substantially decreased.

What is Included with our Pool Filter Service

  • A full disassemble on all the grids and filter internals.
  • Cleaning the internals and the inside of the tank.
  • Using an acid solution as needed to remove any calcium buildup on the grids.
  • Lubricating the backwash valve if it is a push-pull or slide.
  • Resealing the tank.
  • Re-charging the filter with DE (if needed).
  • Testing for proper filtration.

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