Premier Pool Service Can Change The Pool Sand In Your Sand Filter

changing swimming pool sandEvery 3 to 5 years, you’ll have to replace the pool sand in your sand filter. Pool sand in the filter actually wears out. The sharp edges of the pool sand particles become worn and rounded from friction, and will no longer capture contaminates. Also, the sand will start to ball up, or the water will create channels through the sand. You will notice that your pool water is not as clean, or the interval between required backwashes is shorter. If you own a pool sand filter, it will eventually require sand replacement. Changing the pool sand is not something that all pool owners are equipped to handle, so it’s wise to call in the professionals at Premier Pool Service.

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Change Your Pool Sand Every 3-5 Years

For pool owners, few things are as satisfying as crystal clear water on a summer day. To ensure clarity remains all season long, it’s important to properly maintain and clean your pool sand filter. Effective filter maintenance is important throughout the entire pool season, but it’s especially critical as peak season approaches. Whether you have a sand, cartridge or DE filter, there are important maintenance procedures you should follow, and key products you can incorporate into your filter maintenance program.

Don’t Tackle The Hard Jobs Yourself – Call The Professionals!

Knowing when to change the pool sand in your filter probably won’t be obvious. However, if you’re keeping up with regular maintenance, don’t have an issue such as algae in your pool, and your water is still not as clean and clear as you expect, it might be time to change the sand. Most pool owners with a sand filter change the sand every three to five years, depending on use. Since changing the sand is not part of your daily and monthly maintenance routine, it’s important to contact a professional pool service technician to handle repairs that can otherwise damage your pool’s plumbing or equipment.

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