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pool flterPremier Pool Service will install any type of pool filter system. Filters will be hooked up based on your preferences.

Once the pool filter is up and running, we check thoroughly for any leaks and electrical problems. If a new pool filter is being installed on an old base, some filters require additional parts, in order to work. If the system type is new to you, we’ll give you a lesson on how to use your new equipment and how to keep it clean and care-free.

We always do our installations with future service in mind. Plumbing is done with unions capable of disconnect without cutting and re-cementing. This will make any future service or disconnection inexpensive and painless.

Three Main Types of Pool Filters We Install & Service


Sand filters are very common, easy to understand and use, and are inexpensive. Pool water is pulled into the filter and pressed through sand. The sand filters out particleS

After the water has passed through the sand filter, it flows back into the pool. Swimming pool filters containing sand can be cleaned by backwashing the sand. Or, if the sand becomes exceptionally dirty, the sand can be replaced, which is relatively inexpensive. The main drawback of the sand filter is that it allows some particles through the sand, back into the water. Sand filters also use more water over time, due to repeated backwashing.


Cartridge filters clean as the pool water through filtering material. The filtering material captures particles and releases the cleaned water back into the pool.

Cartridge filters are the preferred filter for a saltwater pool. They do not require backwashing, so no saltwater is backwashed into your landscaping. Cartridge filters also filter much smaller microns than sand filters, resulting in much clearer pool water.

If you choose a cartridge filter, it will require some maintenance. You should plan to remove the filter and gently spray it clean with water at least twice during pool season. Premier Pool Service can gladly perform this service for you.


Diatomaceous earth, or DE swimming pool filters are the final type of pool filter. Diatomaceous earth is the exoskeletons of diatoms that have become fossilized.

DE swimming pool filters are considered the highest quality filter because they filter to the finest micron.

DE water filters contain grids inside the filter housing. The diatomaceous earth is poured into the housing, where it coats the grids. The fossilized diatoms act as tiny sieves, filtering out microscopic particles. Diatomaceous earth can filter out debris as tiny as 5 microns, or 5/1,000 of a millimeter.

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