What is a pool skimmer and why is it important?

This video is to help you understand your pool skimmer a little bit better. If you notice when you look inside that throat, looking from the pool into it, you’re going to see that there should be a flapper there that is connected at the bottom and as the water flows through it, as it’s running, it drops down, allowing the water in.

What that skimmer weir is doing for you is:

1. It’s helping keep large debris out so it doesn’t clog up.

2. When your equipment shuts off at night, that skimmer weir is going to pop back up and block all the debris and leaves that would have gone into that basket.

If not, if you don’t have the skimmer weir there every night when your equipment shuts off, all the debris that it’s captured that day is now going to float right back out into your pool and It’s not helping anything.

So it really does help contain all the debris that it captures that day.

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