Premier Pool Service: Seasonal Service

To ensure that your swimming pool is closed properly for the winter season, call Premier Pool Service today. We offer seasonal services, which allows you to have a pool prepared and closed for the winter, as well as opened early in the spring. Some pool owners are unsure of when to close a swimming pool, or even how to close a swimming pool. Find out what services are included in our pool closing program and contact us today.

Pool Closing Program

The best time to close your swimming pool is right after the warm weather goes, before it turns freezing. Algae growth is minimal during this time, which makes for an ideal and seamless pool closing process. Pool services typically involve a pool closing program which includes draining pool water to a proper winterization level, blowing out the plumbing lines and filtration equipment, adding pool & winterization chemicals, swimming pool cover installation as well as disassembling all pool accessories including ladders, diving boards and lights.

What does the Service Include?

Our pool closing service includes draining your swimming pool to the proper winterizing level, shut down pool heater, blow out water from lines & equipment, remove handrails, fittings, baskets, etc., remove cartridge from filter, balance, shock, & add winterizing chemicals, put on winter cover. These are the various items you can expect to be complete when you hire Premier Pool Service to close your swimming pool. To ensure your swimming pool is getting the proper care and is protected from harsh winter storms, we recommend that you close your swimming pool for the winter. Call us today to find out more about ways you can prepare your swimming pool for the winter.

How do you Close an Inground Pool

There are multiple steps that have to take place before putting a winter cover onto your swimming pool. You have to lower your pool’s water level, make sure the water is properly balanced, and remove and additional items in your swimming pool, so they don’t get damaged. You also have to make sure there isn’t any water left in the lines or equipment because they could get damaged.

  1. Adding the chemicals. The first swimming pool tip Premier Pool Service is offering is that you keep your pool chemically balanced; therefore, the first thing you’ll want to do is test your pool water. You’ll want to add any chemicals that are off balance or missing from your pool water. Additionally, Premier Pool Service recommends that you use winter algaecide to ensure that algae is less likely to grow underneath your pool cover. After you’ve added the chemicals and waited for them to completely run through the filtration system, then test the water again to make sure nothing is off balance.
  2.  No more water. If you’re closing your swimming pool, make sure to back wash all of the pumps and filters. By doing this, you’ll be getting all of the water out of your pipes and filters. If you aren’t careful, and there is still water floating in the pipes, the water will freeze and can potentially damage your pipe lines. To prevent this from happening, deplete all the free water from your swimming pools pipes.
  3. Pool Cover.  Installing your pool cover is the finishing touch to closing your swimming pool for the winter. Make sure you watch your pool cover closely during the winter to ensure that it is secure on your swimming pool. Sweep any debris that fall on top of your pool cover, that way when it comes time to opening it, the debris won’t fall into your swimming pool.

Contact Premier Pool Service for any pool maintenance, cleaning, or repairs that you may need assistance with. Premier Pool Service has multiple locations across the country, so look to see if we’re located in your area.