Testing for a Pool Leak – The Bucket Test

If you’ve been conscientious about pool maintenance and suspect that your swimming pool is experiencing a loss in water level, you are likely concerned that you have may have a pool leak.

It can be challenging to find the source of water loss. Excessive splashing, water evaporation, and changes in temperatures can all lead to a decrease in water levels.

However, if you have experienced a spike in your water bill, fluctuating chemical levels, or unexplained standing water around your pool, you should test to see if you have a pool leak. An initial test to help you conclude if your pool has a leak is to perform a bucket test.

pool leak bucket test

How to Do an Easy Bucket Test to Determine a Pool Leak

Tools needed: a bucket, tape, and scissors

Before you begin, turn off the power system & the auto-fill line and ensure that there will be no swimmers during the test period.

  1. Pick an area in the pool to place the bucket (a step is a good choice)
  2. Fill the bucket with water and place it on your chosen location
  3. Ensure that the water in the bucket meets the level of the pool water
  4. Place a piece of tape on the outside of the bucket, at the water level
  5. Leave the bucket on the chosen location for 24 hours
  6. Check the level of water in the bucket and compare it to the pool water level. If the pool water level is lower than the water in the bucket, you can suspect a leak.

Premier has created a video to help guide you through the bucket test process. Watch the step-by-step here.


If you’re experiencing problems with water levels or you have determined that you have a pool leak, contact a nearby Premier Pool Service location. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your pool service and repair needs.

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