solar pool coverWhen you think of solar pool products, you might think it refers to pool heaters. While solar-powered pool heaters are a definite consideration, solar power can be utilized for so much more. When it comes to your swimming pool, you have many solar pool products to choose from.

Solar Pool Covers

Also known as a solar pool blanket, a solar pool cover helps keep pool water heated while saving you money on your utility bills. Solar pool covers also keep the water temperatures more consistent during cooler temperatures.

For a pool that is completely shielded by a solar pool cover, and one that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, it’s not unusual to see a 10-15 degrees F temperature gain.

Utilizing a solar cover also reduces water evaporation. According to studies, using a solar pool cover can help reduce the amount of make-up water required by as much as 50% during the swimming season. This is one solar pool product that is worth considering!

Solar Robotic Cleaners/Skimmers

Pool owners understand the importance of a clean, healthy swimming pool environment. While there are many solar pool products on the market that help keep pool water clean, energy-saving solar robot cleaners not only keep the water cleaner, they can save money on your utility bills by harvesting the sun’s power.

A solar robotic cleaner typically floats on top of the water and utilizes a built-in solar panel. The robot filters contaminants out of the pool. Solar cleaning systems help reduce wear and tear on pumps, saving energy, and maintenance costs.

Solar cleaners save on wear and tear on your filter, too. And, these small but mighty machines can decrease the run cycle of pumps and reduce pool chemical usage.

Solar Pool Pumps

If you’re really looking to get off of the grid, a solar pool pump might be your best bet for maintaining your pool, while decreasing your carbon footprint.

A solar pool pump utilizes solar panels to operate. Most solar pool pumps work on a solar-direct principal. This means they connect directly to solar electric panels and operate at a speed relative to the amount of sunlight hitting the panels. Keep in mind that solar pumps are for lower flow pressure applications.

Once incorporated, solar pool pumps cost almost nothing to run – and they produce zero emissions.

Solar pumps require a higher initial investment. But long-term, they can reduce your pool care expenses. Depending on your location, your state may even offer tax credits for solar pumps.

Solar Pool Heaters

solar pool heaterOf course, we would be remiss if we did not include what may be obvious, solar pool heaters.

Your swimming pool investment becomes more valuable if you can use your pool longer into the season. Pool owners who do not reside in warm climates can extend their swim season into the cooler months by including a pool heater. However, running a standard electric pool heater is not an inexpensive endeavor.

Enter the solar pool heater, which can save you significant money. The sun provides a free and natural power source for solar pool heaters. Your investment is almost entirely dedicated to installation. Once you have your new solar heater set up, your heat is free of charge.

Solar-powered pool heaters are highly dependable and require little in the way of maintenance. You can rely on them to provide you with consistent heating throughout an extended swim season. Even if the weather is cool outside, you and your family will be able to enjoy your swimming pool at your preferred temperature.

Solar pool heaters are highly versatile. They can be set up in virtually any environment. A solar pool heater can be mounted on a roof, where it can capture sunlight. They can also be ground-mounted if there is space available.

clean swimming poolWith these solar options, you can extend your pool season while keeping costs down. And, you’ll maintain a pristine pool utilizing the sun’s energy. Sometimes, it is easy to be green!

If you’re looking to incorporate solar pool products into your pool environment, or you’d like more information about solar pool options, contact a local Premier Pool Service provider today. We’d be happy to offer you a free quote on all of our services.

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