It’s true that most people “could” take care of their own swimming pools.

However, many pool owners lack the skills or the time required to stay on top of their big backyard investment. It’s not uncommon to see swimming pool maintenance end up at the bottom of a pool owner’s “to do” list.

3 Reasons Why Pool Service Is Your Best Choice for Pool Maintenance

pool service chemical balance1:  Maintaining a pool requires water chemistry knowledge. Rainwater, sunlight, pets, and even the cleanest of family members can affect water balance. Rainwater can dilute the chemicals in your pool, and detergents, shampoos, and sunblock can create swimming pool chemical imbalances.

Proper chemical levels must be maintained so that you can avoid pool water that is too low in Ph, or algae growth that will create additional problems.

If you lack the time to test for chemicals or aren’t sure how to maintain the proper levels, a service tech can do the job for you and ensure healthy pool water stays consistent.

2: Most of us have busy lives that can cause us to skip pool maintenance. This is especially true during the off-season when swimming pool maintenance might not seem important.

pool service skimmingHowever, a lot can happen to a pool, even when it’s closed. Debris can cause water imbalances and temperature drops can affect pool equipment. Water levels also need to be maintained during the winter months.

If standing out in the cold monitoring temperature, water, and chemical levels doesn’t sound appealing, a pool maintenance technician can take on the work for you.

3: The local pool store only makes money when they sell you stuff. Pool stores have overhead expenses that are built into their product pricing, costing you more money. A pool service company can keep your costs lower since they have access to products at a much lower cost. And you won’t have to spend time traveling to a store, or deal with salesperson upsell.

If you want to increase your pool’s lifespan and make your life easier, partner with Premier Pool Service. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our pool service technicians are trained to ensure your pool stays in tip-top condition, and our employees are background checked. As the #1 pool builder, Premier understands the investment you’ve made in building a pool, and we are here for you to help keep your pool sparkling for years to come.