Being a pool owner in El Dorado Hills you know how important it is to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. Forgetting about your pool maintenance could result in cloudy water and algae growth. You may clean your pool on your own and you may keep up with pool maintenance every week. If you live in Winterhaven Village, El Dorado Hills and you were planning on going on vacation, who cleans your swimming pool while you’re gone?

Hire Premier Pool Service

There are a few options for you to keep your swimming pool clean in El Dorado Hills. The first option is to contact a pool service company. Premier Pool Service is a group of pool professionals that can clean your swimming pool not only while you’re on vacation, but on a regular basis that way your swimming pool stays clean. Premier Pool Service has multiple service packages that you can pick from and they’ll clean your swimming pool based on what you need done.


Keep your Pool Pump Running

Another option is to keep your pool pump running while you’re on vacation. If you don’t have a timer on your swimming pool pump now is the time to get one installed. You can set the timer on your pool pump to circulate the water throughout your swimming pool, which is important because the constant flow of water is what keeps your swimming pool clean.



Check the Pool Levels

The last option for keeping your pool clean while you’re away on vacation is checking your pool water before you leave. Making sure all of the pool water is balanced and has enough chlorine to fight off the bacteria that may grow while you’re away. If you keep up with your weekly pool maintenance then your swimming pool shouldn’t have a problem for about a week.

Once you return from your vacation then you’ll more than likely have a little bit of maintenance to catch up on, such as skimming the pool and brushing the dirt off the walls, as well as needing to recheck your swimming pool water to make sure everything is still balanced properly.

Having a swimming pool in Crescent Ridge Village is a luxury and Premier Pool Service wants to help you keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. There are more benefits to a pool service company than you know. It gives you more free time, rather than taking time out of your day to check up on pool maintenance.   

Contact Premier Pool Service today!