Pool professionals always want to express how important pool care is for your swimming pool. No one wants to have a swimming pool that is dirty and filled with algae, and you can avoid such things by keeping up pool care. There are a select amount of things that you should always do to keep up with your pool care. Pool experts have gotten together and designed a list of pool care tips that you, a pool owner is Austin, Texas, can keep up care on your pool with.

Pool Circulation

Keeping your swimming pool water circulated is important because the dirt and debris that has fell to the bottom of your swimming pool gets stirred up and you can scoop up the dirt with a skimmer. Turning your pool pump on is important and leaving it on for 4-6 hours, but not for a full day. The contaminants that have floated to the top of the water is easier to sweep up and out of the pool; therefore, keeping your swimming pool cleaner,

Chemical Balance

Keeping all the chemicals balanced in your swimming pool is another important factor to keep your swimming pool clean. Keeping chlorine balanced is critical because this chemical is the one that helps fight off algae and other contaminants, however if there isn’t enough chlorine then the algae will slowly take over the swimming pool. Keeping pH levels controlled ensures that your swimming pool doesn’t turn a cloudy grey color.

Empty Skimmer Baskets

Being in Austin, Texas there are a fair amount of trees and during the fall season all the leafs from the trees. Leafs often fall into swimming pools and clog up skimmer baskets. When the leafs just fall into the swimming pool it is easy to collect them with a skimmer. Skimmer baskets fill up with leafs and dirt as well, which need to be emptied regularly. Skimmer baskets are helpful for collecting the debris that fall into your pool, but if they’re not emptied they can overflow and stop collecting debris which then makes the swimming pool dirty.  

Pool Equipment

There is certain pool equipment that can help you keep your swimming pool clean, such as the pool vacuum. The dirt and debris at the bottom of your swimming pool can easily be collected with the pool vacuum. Making sure that the pool equipment you use is properly bonded with the pool helps with the safety of your swimming pool. This ensures that the body of your swimming pool lasts longer.     

Clean Pool Regularly

Weekly pool care is what keeps your swimming pool clean. Having a regular pool care schedule is the most effective way to keep track of cleaning your swimming pool. Checking on chemical balance in your swimming pool water and skimming the debris and dirt of the top of the swimming pool. Another regular pool care tip would be to brush the sides and bottom of your swimming pool for any dirt that has stuck to the side.

Lastly, there is always the option of hiring a pool service company to come out and clean your swimming pool. Premier Pool Service is a reliable team a has many pool experts that are eager to clean your swimming pool. If you live in Austin or Westlake, Texas area, Premier Pool Service can help free up your time and work on pool care  so all you’ll have to worry about is relaxing next to your swimming pool.