Why Are Pools Low Maintenance Today?

so, why are pools low maintenance in 2022? The good news is today pools are designed for low maintenance. This means less time maintaining the pool and more time spent swimming and enjoying the swimming pool. And the reason why is because of the advancements in pumps and filters and alternative sanitation systems.

More Advanced Pool Filters

The filter that cleans the water is anywhere from three to five times bigger than it used to be. You’re cleaning them five times less or certainly more infrequently. The pumps are energy efficient. The pumps are stronger and the plumbing is bigger.

So it’s moving more water through the system, all keeping the pool not only more energy efficient but using a whole heck of a lot less time working on the pool.

Pool Sweeps & Pool Cleaners

The pool sweeps and the pool cleaners are so much more sophisticated. The pool cleaners are so much more sophisticated because they’re a kind of vacuum system. They roam around the pool, they’re cleaning up the debris. And when you’re done cleaning the debris, you just take it out of the pool.

Smaller Depth Pools

Last but not least, most pools today aren’t diving pools. They’re usually made anywhere from three and a half to five to six feet deep. And because of that, the water stays warmer and there’s less surface area in the entire pool now is usable instead of just a portion of the pool.

It allows the pumps and filters & sweeps to clean better. For the more sophisticated or more ornate type pools, we have what we call floor cleaning systems. And those systems pop up from the bottom. and act like a rotating sprinkler system. And they clean the pool kind of almost 95 to 99% clean without actually even throwing a pool sweep in there.

So we like to call these pretty much self-cleaning pools.

Today’s pool is designed to use and not to maintain.

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