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Getting Rid of Algae within 5 Days

We all know what that green swamp like water is when you open your pool up for the summer, and if you don’t you’re in for a real treat. That green swampy consistency floating in your swimming pools is algae, and getting rid of algae is not that complicated. Algae is a form of bacteria that has subtly taken over your swimming pool because there was an imbalance to your chemicals in your pool water, or the chlorine levels were too low to fight of the bacteria. Do not fret, there is a fast pace solution. You have to go through the process of getting rid of the algae that is living in your swimming pool.

Cleaning up your swimming pool is an easy task. The easiest method of getting rid of algae is to fight back with the proper chemicals. You’ll want to undergo a shock treatment to start the cleaning process of your swimming pool. Getting rid of algae takes some time depending on how advanced the bacteria has grown. There are different levels and strengths of algae, but the sooner you catch it the easier it is to get rid of it. This is why keeping up with your pool maintenance is so important.

You’ll first want to take the initial steps of scrubbing or brushing down your swimming pool. Make sure you’re getting rid of all the bacteria that is stuck to the walls of your swimming off so it is floating around and the filter can pick it up easier.

The next step is shocking your pool, now depending on what your chlorine levels look like will determine if you use a shock that contains chlorine or not. Chlorine is the chemical that is able to break down the bacteria and makes your swimming pool look good as new again. Getting rid of algae may take a few days depending on how aggressive the bacteria is.

After you’ve shocked your swimming pool, which should take a day or two to process, keep your pool filter and pump on for a full 24 hours. This will help clear out all the algae and keep your swimming pool circulating well enough to clean it out. Once that is finished and your swimming pool is clean, keep up with your pool maintenance. Making sure your pool chemicals are all balanced and there is no dirt or debris stuck in your swimming pool is a good start to not have an algae filled pool.

How Often Should you Shock your Pool

There are some pool owners who have the same question, and that is when or how often should I shock my pool. The answer is simple, you should shock your pool whenever your pool gets dirty. If your pool is filling up with algae and other bacteria’s, your pool water will turn different colors, such as green, black or even turn cloudy. There are different treatments to undergo when trying to successfully clean your swimming pool. By shocking your pool, you are getting rid of all the bacteria and possible algae growth. Treatment comes with a price, the more you shock your pool the longer you have to wait to actually swim in it.

What does Pool Shock do?

Pool shock is sold two different ways, there is a pool shock that contains chlorine and one that does not contain chlorine. Both are cleaning agents to help your swimming pool. The most commonly used pool shock is the one that contains chlorine. The reason your pool gets dirty is because the chlorine balance is uneven and there are not enough chlorine chemicals to fight of the bacteria or contaminants. If you keep your chlorine chemicals balanced in the pool you’re more likely to not need to shock your pool. Shocking your pool is only needed when your swimming pool gets dirty and you can see the swimming pool changing colors.

There are different types of chlorine in your swimming pool, and that can be a difficult thing to understand. There is free chlorine and total chlorine. Free chlorine is the chlorine that you test for when you’re checking the balance of the chemicals in your swimming pool. It is the chlorine that hasn’t attacked any bacteria or algae that could be invading your swimming pool. The total chlorine is the chlorine that has already attacked contaminants in your swimming pool to destroy them. There has to be a balance of these two chemicals, so your swimming doesn’t become dirty.

Types of Pool Shock

When you shock your pool you should understand what the right type of pool shock you should be putting into your pool. There is a chlorine pool shock, which helps you raise your chlorine levels, that way it can fight off bacteria properly. The chlorine pool shock also has a time limit on it, so you will not be able to go swimming for 8 hours or more. You have to wait until the chlorine is completely dissolved to start swimming again.

The non-chlorine pool shock is good for when you want to shock your pool, but only to create total chlorine and not new chlorine. There is no chlorine in this type of pool shock, that is why it won’t completely get rid of the contaminants, but it will clean your pool for the time being. This pool shock also doesn’t have a long wait time. On the packet it should say to wait about 15-20 minutes before you can start swimming again.