A properly installed and maintained heat pump or pool heater can last five to ten years or longer, before having to replace or upgrade. However, if you follow these maintenance tips you can avoid common problems and extend the life of your pool heater.

Your pool heat pump does not require a lot of maintenance.  The main thing you have to be aware of is keeping the pump free of debris; such as leaves or pine needles and occasionally ensure there are no rodents nesting inside or chewing on wires.

Pool Chemical Balance

It is common during weekly/monthly pool maintenance to check the chemical balance in the water of your swimming pool. With the chemicals balanced correctly in your pool they also determine the performance of the pool heater/ pump.

We strongly recommend that you monitor your water pH balance weekly or hire Premier Pool Service to perform maintenance check ups on your pool. It is easy to maintain good  balanced water in your swimming pool; however, if the swimming pool water is unbalanced there could be possible damage done.

Most importantly, poorly maintained pool water is unhealthy for you, your family and your friends when using your pool.  That is why it is important to properly maintain your pool & keep your water chemistry balanced. This is something that Premier Pool Service can help you with.

Winterizing your Pool & Heater

Take time to close your pool for the off season

During winter months, it is important to remove water from your pool heater, PVC pipes, pump and filter to avoid damage from ice.  Water expands when it freezes and may lead to leaks or pipes bursting if you leave water in equipment during winter months. This kind of damage will require replacement.

You are not subjected to winterize your swimming pool. If you have a pool heater and you’re still going to operate and swim in your pool. Then the best thing to do is keep the pool water flowing. If there is constant movement between all the pipes, damage shouldn’t occur. The only time the pipes would freeze over is if the water is still. Therefore there is an alternative option, if you wanted to still use your swimming pool in the off-season.

Invest in a Pool Cover
If you decide to drain your pool pumps & pipes of water and close down your pool for the off-season, then you will want to invest in a pool cover. Pool covers protect your pool heat pump from snow, ice, rain, leaves, sand, pine needles, dust and other harsh elements. One of the benefits of investing in a pool cover is that your pool unit will look better and last longer for years to come.

Maintain Proper Water Flow Rate
Ensure your swimming pool filter has proper flow rate by washing debris from the cartridge regularly. Otherwise your pool heater may not function efficiently if water is unable to pass through the cartridge.

Hire Premier Pool Service

To ensure that your swimming pool is properly closed for the off-season, hire Premier Pool Service to assist you with any maintenance needs. We over multiple service packages that are low costing and get the job done. Have a clean swimming pool for a low price! Contact us today!