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Coachella Valley Pool Service Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
Coachella Valley Pool Service
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Services Offered:

  • Weekly Pool Service
  • Equipment Repair
  • Pool Opening & Closing
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Tile Replacement

  • Light Remodel

  • Leak Detection

  • Pool Interiors

Coachella Valley Pool Service, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Hire The Top Coachella Valley Pool Service Company

Aging, weather, and other factors change the appearance of your Coachella Valley pool and may cause slight damage. If you do not spot such problems in the initial stages, they may worsen and force you to spend hundreds of dollars.

Keep your pool fit and sparkling with professional pool service in Coachella Valley. Premier Pool Service offers various packages that suit every pool care requirement.

Save Money on Pool Care with Coachella Valley Pool Service

Hiring Premier Pool Services saves you valuable time and energy, which frees you to enjoy your pool and family time, instead of spending it on pool maintenance.

Residential Pool Service

Timely pool maintenance helps to prevent problems and expensive repairs in the future.

Premier’s Coachella Valley residential pool service provides individual plans that range from weekly service, spa cleaning, efflorescence removal, and algae eradication. The full-service program includes chemical checks, tile cleaning, acid wash, inspections, and equipment repairs.

Our safe and diligent pool care professionals ensure the beauty of your pool and create a picture-perfect and safe hangout area for your family. By detecting potential leaks and other issues, you can increase the longevity of your pool and your investment.

Commercial Pool Service

Commercial pools can take a severe hit from everyday traffic. The pool’s chemicals must be tested and balanced daily. It is also essential to keep the hardscapes surrounding the pool dry and clean, to prevent slip and fall incidents.

Premier’s Coachella Valley commercial pool service can help you with regular maintenance needs that help you maintain an attractive property. With our equipment inspection and repair services, you will save a significant amount of money on replacements.

Weekly Pool Service

Our weekly pool service includes testing your pool pH and chemistry, cleaning out the skimmer basket, checking the water levels, and more.

Premier’s Coachella Valley weekly pool service prevents health hazards and ensures your family’s safety. We check the filter pressure, backwash it, skim the pool surface, vacuum the floor, and adjust the chemicals.

Seasonal Pool Service

Closing a pool in Coachella Valley is different from doing it in the northern parts of the country. Premier Pool Service pool technicians are experienced with preparing your pool for winterization and summer opening.

Our Coachella Valley winterizing pool service includes lowering the water, meticulously cleaning every surface, and removing the pool equipment. We add a freeze protector if needed, and safely place a winter cover over the pool and spa.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Cleaning pool tiles requires a certain level of expertise and professional technique. If you brush too hard, it is possible to loosen the tiles and increase the pool structure’s risk of water damage.

You need Premier’s Coachella Valley pool tile cleaning services to remove the tricky calcium scales on the tiles. We gently wash and brush the tiles using specially formulated cleaners, without harming the grout.

Hot Tub and Spa Service

Since you don’t drain the spa frequently, and several people soak in the same water, it can contain contaminants. Cosmetics, body oils, and other fluids may enter the hot tub or spa and alter the alkalinity.

Hiring Premier’s Coachella Valley hot tub and spa service gives you peace of mind, as we do a thorough cleanup job and ensure a hygienic hot tub or spa environment. We eliminate unwanted microorganisms by sanitizing the area and let every surface sparkle.

Stone, Tile, and Deck Sealing

Pool deck surfaces receive heavy foot traffic and are vulnerable to the elements. They get chipped or abused, starting with scratches from furniture, pool chemicals, calcium efflorescence, sun damage, and more.

Without help from a professional stone, tile, and deck sealing service, regular cleaning cannot prevent deck issues. By applying a color-enhancing and water-repellent sealant, we amplify the deck’s beauty and protect it from abrasion and future mold growth.

Increase your property value and keep your family safe- hire Premier Coachella Valley for your pool service needs. Fill in the form below for a free estimate.

Coachella Valley, CA

  • Weekly Pool Service

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Tile Replacement

  • Light Remodal

  • Leak Detection

  • Pool Interiors

Our team of pool technicians is ready to serve you and take care of all of your pool needs in Coachella Valley. So, when you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ll be here.

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