adjusting pool cleaner pressureAs a pool owner, you’ve researched different types of pool cleaners to keep your pool healthy and vibrant.

If you chose a pool cleaner that utilizes water pressure, such as the ever-popular Polaris Quattro, there may be times when you will have to adjust the pool cleaner pressure to ensure your device is functioning at its optimum.

Pool pressure side cleaners that work from your main circulation require a lot of water to be pushed to them to keep them functioning. This means that you may have to adjust the water pressure to get the best result.

Adjusting Pool Cleaner Pressure

When adjusting pool cleaner pressure, you will first have to identify the flow of your water. Pinpoint which valve manages the flow of water to the pool cleaner, and which valves control other elements of the pool’s equipment, such as water features.

Once you have identified what your valves control, you can send more water to the cleaner by turning the cleaner pressure valve up, and the other valves down or off.

Watch professional pool service technician, Cole, adjust pool cleaner pressure:

We do want to add a word of caution. Make sure you adjust the valves with the pump on and keep a watchful eye on the pressure gauge as you are making your adjustments to the valves.

If the pressure begins to increase, rapidly return the valve to its original position. Serious injury may occur if pressure exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you are unsure of how to correctly manage pool cleaner pressure, contact the experts at Premier Pool Service. We not only offer superior maintenance and pool repairs, we can also install your new pool pressure cleaner, or help you choose the best cleaning options for your backyard swimming retreat.