New age technology is making things easier for the everyday person. With pool automation you can control lights, pumps and most of the functioning equipment in your swimming pool & backyard. Being able to turn on your spa or even turn your backyard lights on with a click of a button is incredibly handy.

If you already manage your life via mobile device, and you enjoy new technology to make life more convenient, pool automation is like second-hand nature to you. With backyard/pool automation you can control, schedule, and manage everything from adjusting the pump speed, to turning on the spa, from where ever you are.

Whether you just want your pump and heater to run on a schedule, or to get the spa ready for when you get home from work, you’ll have the power at your fingertips. All it takes is Wi-Fi, a good automation system, and a few hours of setup, and your smart pool control will be ready to obey your every command.

How Does Pool Automation Work?

With the help of your pool builder or pool service technician, you can access all of your pool equipment via mobile device. However, without the proper connection this process isn’t achieved. Make sure to tell your pool builder or pool service technician that you want an automated system installed and wired to your phone.

The first thing you want to ensure when adding smart pool automation is, making sure you have a dependable internet connection, ideally with upload and download speeds of at least 3 Mbps available wherever your pool pad is located. It’s easy to check the strength of your internet connection with online speed testers.

The main source of your pool automation system will be a control hub that is connected to your pump, heater, and smart relays, which control alternative devices such as lights or booster pumps. A touchscreen control pad means you can consistently operate all your equipment from the pool pad, even if you know longer have internet connection.

Furthermore, some automation brands will control valve actuators, which allows you to switch back and forth from pool to spa with just a tap of a button.

While newer products have made it fairly easy to add automation to your existing pool equipment, installation involves working with electricity and some basic software setup. The latest generation of automation systems can be installed in about two hours.

Important: Safety first. If you’re fine with software setup, but aren’t a savvy electrician, hire a pro. Aside from ensuring the system will be installed correctly, it’ll keep you and your system safe as well.

Do I Really Need Pool Automation?

There are additional features that you would be able to access based on having your swimming pool automated. Life will be easier with the touch of button, beyond simply scheduling or adjusting settings from your smartphone. These accessible, by mobile device, features are going to be an exciting element to your life.

Relaxing Spa Night

You’ve just wrapped up a delicious dinner date, and it looks like you might be headed for a swim, or a soak in the attached hot tub. However, there is one thing holding you up. You aren’t even home yet, and your spa is still cold. You want to walk through the door and take your date straight to the water.

Don’t let your night stop there. Just open the app on your smartphone and initiate the theme (also called routines or group functions, depending on the app) you named “Relaxing Spa Night.” While you drive back to your place, your spa heater will get the water up to a comfortable temperature, and your landscape lights will turn on; leaving you with a relaxing night in the spa and under the stars.


You’re lying there on the beach outside your hotel, enjoying the sand and surf. The last thing on your mind is arriving home to cold water, or an algae problem in your pool.

Not to worry. With a “Vacation” theme set up before you go, you can set your automatic pool cleaner to work at specific times of the day, keeping your pool spotless for when you get home.

You can also schedule your pump to run at lower speeds automatically every day, and at certain times such as during off-peak hours when power rates are lowest.

And if you’re traveling during winter, you can set your pool or attached-spa heater to turn on automatically if the temperature drops below a predetermined setting.

Party Time

You’re busy decorating, preparing food, and setting up extra seating. You don’t have time to run out to your pool pad and mess with controls. Instead, you can tell your voice assisted device to initiate your “Party Time” theme.

With that simple verbal command, all the actions programmed into your theme will begin. It will turn the pool heater on and bring the water up to the ideal temperature. Run your pump, and turn on water features as well as backyard lights. Your backyard oasis pool will be party-ready with just a touch of a button.

Once you’re pool is built and you’re ready for the perfect service company, contact Premier Pool Service and we can help get you set up with an automated pool! We also offer a variety of service packages, pool installations & pool repairs!