Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter in 10 Easy Steps

When it comes to keeping your swimming pool in perfect working condition, a pool cartridge filter that is clear of dirt and debris is an important element.

We know that pool maintenance isn’t the most exciting part of owning a swimming pool. Fortunately, it’s an easy DIY project to clean a pool cartridge filter, if you follow the steps below and ensure safety measures are in place.

clean a pool cartridge filterSTEP 1: Shut off the power to the pool pump. This is a critical safety precaution.

Step 2: Open the valve to relieve pressure from the filter.

STEP 3: Use a socket wrench to remove the clamp encompassing the filter. Once the clamp is off, remove the lid.

STEP 4: Lift up the manifold from the cartridges, then take the cartridges out of the filter.

STEP 5: Use a garden hose to rinse the cartridges, making sure to get between the pleats. Using a high-pressure nozzle will make quick work of removing debris.

STEP  6: Inspect your filter system for signs of wear and tear. Check your O-rings and make sure that they are not cracked, damaged, or too flattened.

STEP 7: Using silicone gel, lubricate all O-rings to increase the lifespan of your cartridge filter and mitigate any leaks throughout the rest of your swim season.

STEP 8: Rinse off the breather tube and inspect the manifold.

STEP 9: Replace the pool filter cartridge inside the filter and slide the manifold back on top. Replace the lid and put the clamp back on using a socket wrench.

STEP 10: Turn your equipment back on and close the air release valve. Your cartridge filter is now clean and clear, and ready to catch any debris.

If cleaning your pool cartridge filter takes more effort than you are willing to afford, contact Premier Pool Service today. We offer the best in swimming pool service and peace of mind.

clean a pool cartridge filter

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