Become A Premier Pool Service Franchise

Why Become a Premier Pool Service Franchise?

The Premier brand has been around for 30+ years now. While our tenure in the pool industry is impressive, what’s more important is our unwavering commitment to putting the homeowner first. We’ve enjoyed over three decades of growth for that very reason. We have always strive to provide the best experience in the industry. Our dedication and passion for all of the work we do translates to happy pool owners. This helped our single business in 1988 transform into the World’s Biggest and Fastest Growing Pool Franchise. We invite you to contact us to learn more about why so many franchisee’s have chosen the Premier Path as the vehicle to achieve their success.

The Premier Pool Service Difference

  • The Biggest and Best Brand in the Business
  • Partnership with the largest builder in the world
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • In-demand services all year round
  • Continuous training and support
  • Flexible available services
  • Ability to grow from home base to commercial sites
  • A network of established referrals

The Premier Pool Service Difference

With PREMIER POOL SERVICE franchises, you can trust that you will receive the necessary training, tools, and resources to be successful. Why risk the instability of starting a company on your own? Instead, join the Biggest and Fastest Growing Brand in the swimming pool industry today to chart your course for future success!

Convert Your Pool Business into a PREMIER POOL SERVICE FRANCHISE

Join The World's Largest & Fastest Growing Pool Franchise Company!

With the summer behind you, as a pool service business you often reflect and ask yourself often the difficult questions you don’t have time to contemplate during the busy season. Has your pool business plateaued? Are you unwilling or unable to handle the demands of another fall/spring/summer season without additional support? Do you need more knowledge, expertise, training, and resources to take your current pool business to the next level? We have the solution for all of those concerns, and many more with Premier Pool Service. As the industry leader in turnkey franchise opportunities, we have tested strategies and procedures in place to ensure you have the infrastructure you need to succeed. Not only will you have access to our buying power, trademark, operating systems, but you will also be partnered with the world’s largest pool building franchise which means you’ll have access to well qualified leads for pool service on a go forward basis.

The Benefits of Converting to PREMIER POOL SERVICE

Did you know that 97% of all franchises opened during the past 5 years are still open? Compare that to the fact that less than 50% of non-franchised businesses are still open after the same timeframe

Advantages of Converting to PREMIER POOL SERVICE

World Class Brand Recognition
Premier Pools and Spas is the largest and fastest growing brand in the industry. We have received numerous accolades, awards, and honors both in this industry, and in business. We have over 30 years of rich history and invaluable experience within the pool service industry. All of which can be leveraged in your local market to gain a competitive advantage, as we’ve done time after time throughout the country.

Premier PoolBelt Technology
PREMIER POOL SERVICE franchisees benefit from a technology platform which is revolutionizing the pool industry. This software application allows our owners to operate their business from the cloud and gives them unparalleled real-time visibility into their business. The software communicates with their customers, providing them with necessary information on their pool. This gives their customers the peace of mind of knowing they have chosen the best pool company in the world.

National Buying Power
Existing swimming pool business operators who join PREMIER POOL SERVICE gain the buying power of a company doing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. Even our smallest franchise location buys a bucket of chlorine cheaper than their largest competitor in that territory.

National Partners
PREMIER POOL SERVICE franchises are backed by national businesses such as Pool Corp., Zodiac, and more. By joining us, you won’t simply have vendors you do business with, but Strategic National Partners to help you grow your business.

Proven Marketing Strategies
Too busy working in the business to work on the business? We understand that it can be difficult to devise a plan to target the right audiences. After all you are a pool cleaning business not a marketing business. We understand what, how, when and where to deliver the right marketing message(s). This data-driven approach integrates with the broad demographic information in each and every market to create a customized, advanced approach.

Increased Visibility & Insight
Premier Pool Service systems and processes help increase understanding and accountability of key financial indicators impacting your profitability, all with an eye on building your bottom line. Moreover, our expert staff members help you a monthly basis to understand how to continually improve your business processes and decision making to continually improve your bottom line!

When you convert your current pool business into a PREMIER POOL SERVICE franchise, you will not only be part of something bigger; you will take your business to the next level. We are internationally recognized as the largest and fastest pool franchise company in the industry. Our presence continues to grow geographically, and our franchisee’s enjoy exponentially greater growth than the industry every year.


At Premier we’ve had one goal since our inception over 30 years ago-to be THE WORLD’S BEST. In doing that we rapidly became THE WORLD’S BIGGEST as well. Our focus has not changed or waivered one bit, we’ve simply expanded our offerings to provide pool service to the over 60,000 pools we’ve built. To continue our tradition of excellence and success we are seeking to establish the BEST pool service franchisee’s throughout the nation. To that end, we’d love to talk to you about the opportunity to join the Premier Family!

Join The World's Largest & Fastest Growing Pool Company