An Update About the Chemical Shortage

Chemical Shortage Update | Premier Pool Service from Premier Pools & Spas on Vimeo. The United States is currently experiencing a chemical shortage that directly affects our industry. Shortages and major price increases are in store for everybody who depends on these chemicals. We here at Premier Pools and Spas are committed to navigating this

2021 Pool Pump Regulations

How New Pool Pump Regulations Affect Swimming Pool Owners Did you know? There are new federal pool pump regulations taking effect on July 19, 2021. The new directive states that any pool pump manufactured after the July date must meet energy efficiency requirements, which have been updated by the Department of Energy (DOE). The

Wildfires and Swimming Pools

How to Care for Your Pool After a Wildfire Swimming pool owners look forward to opening their pools all year. There’s nothing like that first swim of the season! Unfortunately, in many areas of the country, pool season is also the start of wildfire season. Wildfires, or fires in general, don’t just put homes

Troubleshooting Basic Pool Equipment Problems

Learn how to troubleshoot pool equipment problems No matter how well you take care of your swimming pool, at some point you will have to do some basic repairs and maintenance to ensure that your pool’s mechanics run perfectly. As a pool owner, you will want to know how to troubleshoot some frequent pool