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pool cleaning service in Atlanta
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Services We Offer:

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Safety Fences

Not Yet Offered:

  • Pool Inspections

  • Leak Detections

  • Safety Fences

  • Pool Interiors

Atlanta Pool Cleaning Service

Premier Pool Service of Atlanta is Atlanta’s top pool cleaning service company. We provide our customers in the Atlanta area with pool maintenance, equipment upgrades & repairs, pool opening & closing, filter cleaning, and pool cleaning. Contact us today to get a pool cleaning quote on your Atlanta, GA residential or commercial pool.

South Atlanta Pool Service

Pool Cleaning Services

We take pride in maintaining the pristine condition of your pool in South Atlanta. Our comprehensive pool cleaning services include routine maintenance, chemical testing, and balancing to ensure optimal water quality. Our skilled technicians efficiently skim debris, vacuum the pool floor, and clean tiles and walls, leaving your pool sparkling and inviting.

We pay attention to every detail, inspecting and maintaining equipment to prevent issues and ensure longevity. With customizable service plans, reliable and efficient care, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Premier Pool Service is your trusted partner in creating a beautifully maintained swimming oasis.

Contact us today to experience the joy of a clean and inviting pool all year round.

Residential & Commercial Pool Services

For homeowners, our pool technicians offer regular maintenance, repairs, seasonal openings and closings, and water quality management, ensuring your pool is always ready for relaxation.

For businesses, we specialize in keeping your commercial pool in tip-top shape by aiming to create a safe and inviting environment for your patrons. At Premier Pool Service, our commitment to excellence, rapid response, and personalized care make us the premier choice for all your pool needs in South Atlanta.

Pool Opening & Closing

As the seasons shift, our dedicated team ensures your pool is ready for enjoyment with meticulous openings, conducting thorough inspections, and water balancing. When it’s time to bid farewell to the swimming season, our comprehensive closing services protect your investment during winter, guaranteeing a hassle-free reopening in the spring.

Premier Pool Service stands out in South Atlanta for precision, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, tailoring our services to the unique climate challenges of the region. Trust us to transform your pool experience—contact us today and let us enhance your pool oasis in South Atlanta!

Pool Tile Cleaning

Our technicians utilize advanced techniques to delicately remove stubborn calcium deposits, algae, and grime, restoring the brilliance of your pool tiles without causing damage. We leave no tile untouched, ensuring a thorough and consistent clean across the entire pool surface. Choose Premier Pool Service for our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and use of cutting-edge cleaning technologies, transforming your pool into a visually stunning retreat.

Pool Safety Fences

Safeguard your pool oasis with Premier Pool Service’s Pool Safety Fence Installation, where safety meets aesthetics seamlessly. We provide customized installations tailored to your pool, ensuring optimal placement and design. We prioritize durability using high-quality materials that withstand the elements while complying with local safety regulations. Premier Pool Service doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, creating an attractive and secure environment that enhances the visual appeal of your pool area.

Stone, Tile, & Deck Sealing

Your outdoor inground pool is susceptible to weathering and hard stains from nature or inorganic materials. Your garden hose may not get these stains out, and pressure washing may loosen the structure. We can fix these issues before they turn into substantial damages.

Atlanta South, GA

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

South Atlanta Pool Service

We service and clean pools in Lovejoy, Flippen, McDonough, Hampton, Blacksville, Locust Grove, Woolsey, and everywhere in between.

Looking for professional pool cleaning in Atlanta? We are the top pool service company available in South Atlanta. Call us today to get started.

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