Now that the hot summer months are over, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool for winter. It’s a process that you have to prepare for & follow some maintenance guidelines before you put that safety pool cover on. Closing your pool for the winter helps with a lot of things like making sure the pipes don’t freeze and crack causing leaks and keeping the pool clean during the winter season.

The first step you’ll want to go through for closing your pool for the winter season is balancing your pool water. This helps notify you if your pools pH balance is off and if you have to add certain chemicals to it to make your water clean and clear.

Second, you’ll want to remove any pool accessories you have added/ attached to the sides of your pools. Like slides or vacuums that you have inside your swimming pool. That way they won’t be ruined during the winter season.

Third, you’ll want to lower the water levels in your swimming pool, you can use your water pump to do this. You’ll want to take out 4-6 inches of water so that it is at least below the water skimmer.

Next you’ll want to clean and drain your pool pumps, filters and heaters. Each of these pumps will have a plug that you can open and drain the water out of and to ensure that you get all of the water out, you can take a shop vacuum to the drains and get the rest of the water out that way.

The final step to closing your pool for the winter is taking the pool cover out of storage and sealing it on your swimming pool. It helps keep debris out of your swimming pool and prevents algae growth. Your pool cover should be solid enough to keep all debris and sun out of your pool for the winter season. By keeping the sun and debris out of your swimming pool it helps keep it clean during those cold winter days.

These are some simple easy steps to closing your pool for the winter. We don’t want your swimming pool getting damaged during the cold winter months. We’re helping you by closing your pool the proper way so, you don’t have a mess of repairs to come back to next swimming season.