Premier Pool Service- Pool Closing Program

Premier Pool Service: Seasonal Service To ensure that your swimming pool is closed properly for the winter season, call Premier Pool Service today. We offer seasonal services, which allows you to have a pool prepared and closed for the winter, as well as opened early in the spring. Some pool owners are unsure of when

Swimming Pool Tips: The Winterizing Process

Swimming Pool Tips for the Winter Months Premier Pool Service is providing swimming pool tips for this winter. There is a lot of responsibility when you have to maintain your swimming pool. During the summer there are procedures completed to ensure that your swimming pool is clean, and the same rules apply for in the

Why Should you Install Pool Automation?

New age technology is making things easier for the everyday person. With pool automation you can control lights, pumps and most of the functioning equipment in your swimming pool & backyard. Being able to turn on your spa or even turn your backyard lights on with a click of a button is incredibly handy. If

Premier Pool Service will Open Your Pool

Now that the cold season is over, pool owners prepare to open their swimming pools for the warmer seasons. Even though the sun is shining and the water is warm, the pool isn’t quite ready for swimmers yet. Premier Pool Service is here to provide tips, on what to expect when you open your swimming