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Conserving Your Pool Water

Save Water & Money!

Owning a swimming pool comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as keeping your swimming pool water clean, along with keeping the pumps and filters clean. Not a lot of people considering that the pH levels of your swimming pool have to be kept balanced. There is a lot of effort and maintenance to owning a swimming pool. Most homeowners probably don’t even think about conserving water. Conserving water or saving pool water is a pretty big deal. Pool water doesn’t ever NEED to be drained from a swimming pool, unless you’re getting a remodel done on it. It not only is a waste of water, but it is costly as well.

There are certain tests you can buy to see if your pool water is okay to swim in. We recommend that if you can still smell the chlorine after a shock treatment that you do not swim in your swimming pool until the chlorine has completely dissolved. If you buy certain pumps for your pool, you are able to then recycle your pool water and also treat it chemically that way. By recycling your pool water that is a great way to start conserving water. Saving you time and money as well!

With a new filtration system used in swimming pools all over the United States, you are able to conserve up 85% of your swimming pool water by recycling it. The pool water is treated by recycling it and adding left over drinking water. Conserving pool water is the only way to go when you own a swimming pool. Why drain 20,000 gallons of water that you can clean and treat to make crystal clear so your family and friends can swim happily in your backyard.

Tips on How to Keep Your Pool Water Clear

If you’re a homeowner and you’re trying to keep your swimming pool in the best condition possible, it’s not difficult! There are easy, simple steps to follow that’ll keep your pool water clean. There is a lot of maintenance to keep on top of when you own a swimming pool. The trick to keeping your pool water clean is consistency. It’s like owning a puppy, you work with the puppy everyday and it learns new tricks. The only down side is your swimming pool isn’t going to clean itself. Although, if you follow these steps everyday and do them correctly it shouldn’t take you much time.

Step #1: Skimming and Brushing

Skimming the top of your swimming pool for debris is the easiest step to keeping your swimming pool clean. Along with brushing the sides and bottom of your swimming pool. You can purchase a skimmer and a pool brush for super cheap at a local pool supplies store. If you do this everyday or even every other day, your swimming pool is on the right track to being crystal clear and clean.

Step #2: Vacuum your pool

Treat your swimming pool like you do the carpet in your house, Vacuum! Brushing the bottom of your pool only moves the dirt around in the water. Although, if you purchase a vacuum it will collect all the debris from the floor of your swimming pool. This is just another step in the right direction to keeping your swimming pool clean. Keeping debris from floating on top & hanging out on the floor.

Step #3: Managing your Chemicals

Not everyone is a mad scientist with a homemade lab in their garage. Don’t worry, Managing the chemicals in your swimming pool isn’t hard to figure out. Having your family and friends over for a party, everyone is splashing around in the pool. You don’t know what they’re bringing into the your pool. So you’ll have to check your pool levels and sanitize it or balance the pH levels that were thrown off. You can easily do this, if you go to a pool supplies store, they have pH level kits all ready for you to purchase. Keeping pH levels balanced helps keep your pool clean, so it doesn’t get cloudy or murky.

Step #4: Pool Filter 

Having a pool filter is what helps keep the water in a constant motion, giving the pool less of a change to become dirty. When the water circulates through the pool filter, it begins to take out all the left over debris that you might have missed or that is falling into your swimming pool throughout the day. One tip to remember, is back washing your filter. This essentially means to keep the filter clean while it keeps your swimming pool clean. We would want it to become clogged with debris.

Step #5: Keep Your Water Soft

Didn’t know your pool water could get hard huh? Well it can, when the water from your swimming pool starts to evaporate the by-products that are left behind are magnesium & calcium. With these two chemicals left behind it increases the hardness of your pool water. A solution is checking the pH with a pH balance test kit & add in the appropriate chemicals that are needed in your pool water.

Step #6: Chlorine

The last, but very important, step is having chlorine in your swimming pool. Chlorine acts as a cleaning agent for your swimming pool water. It kills all the bacteria that people bring into your swimming pool. There are different strengths of chlorine, some more aggressive than others. Depending on how many people enter your swimming pool or if you’re trying to fight algae that is growing in your pool. Chlorine will help clean and get rid of it all, make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. If you can still smell the strong scent the chlorine gives off, don’t go swimming it can be harmful.