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How to Create a Low Costing Energy Bill

Premier Pool Service recommends that you follow these steps if you want to reduce your energy bill. A swimming pool pump is one of the highest energy consumers for a household. Following these few steps can help you create a low costing energy bill each month. For a more energy efficient swimming pool and low costing energy bill please, read below.

1: How to Reduce Energy Bills

There are multiple ways that you can reduce the cost of your energy bill with your swimming pool pump. The swimming pool pump is responsible for circulating water throughout the pool, which keeps it clean. If there is a noticeable change in your swimming pool clarity, it would most likely indicate that the pool pump needs to be cleaned or replaced.

2: How long to Run your Pool Pump

The average pool pump runs 12 hours summer, and 6 hours winter; However, there are multiple variables that affect how much filtering your pool water needs.

When a pool builder or pool contractor designs a swimming pool or inground pool, most use an 8-hour turnover formula to size the pool pump and filter. That is, the size of the pump and matching filter is large enough to pump and filter all of the water in the pool, in an 8 hour time period.

For a 20,000 gallon pool, an 8-hour filter system (pump, filter, valves, pipes) would be designed to produce at least 42 gallons per minute, or gpm.

3: Upgrading your Pool Pump

Upgrading your swimming pool pump is one of the most effective ways to create an energy efficient pool. Having a new variable speed pump is the perfect solution to cutting down costs and the best way to keep your swimming pool clean. Variable speed pumps are designed to pump & filter water throughout your pool in an efficient amount of time without having to run your pump 24/7, which would raise costs.

Did you know that a typical variable speed pump can pay for itself in as little as 1 to 2 years? Premier Pool Service specializes in upgrading outdated pool pumps to new, energy efficient pumps. Many energy companies will give you a rebate when you upgrade your pump! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get paid to save money. Our Jandy/Zodiac Pool Pumps are designed to minimize the amount of energy used to circulate water in your swimming pool, so you will be saving money all year round.

4: Choosing Premier Pool Service


Premier Pool Service, is an outstanding pool service company and can help you with not only your pool maintenance, but with upgrades and repairs as well. Premier Pool Service has multiple service packages available to their valued customers to choose from. There are packages for basic pool maintenance and packages for a more detailed pool maintenance, which includes more cleaning than just the basic poolcleaning. We are capable of running evaluations on your pool equipment and can offer you excellent rates based on if your equipment needs replacing or if you want to upgrades.

If you are in need of a new pool pump, contact Premier Pool Service today! Read more articles based on how to take care of your pool pump & how to be more energy efficient. 

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How to Find the Best Pool Cleaner This Summer

Using a pool cleaner to make sure that your pool stays sparkling and clean is important. While the filtration system is great, it is not going to take care of all your cleaning needs. In this article, we are going to talk about how to find the best pool cleaner for your Summer fun.

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Determine What Pool Cleaner You Need By Assessing Your Pool

Before going to the pool store to get a new pool cleaner, you need to figure out which kind of pool cleaner your pool is going to need. Different cleaners work on different types of dirt, so you need to make sure you are buying the one that will work most effectively on your swimming pool.

What type of dirt and grime are you fighting against? Notice what kind of leaves, twigs, dirt or other types of contaminants that might be working against your goal of a clean pool. Know this information will be helpful as you are choosing your pool cleaner.

If you don’t know, find out exactly how big your pool is. You need to get a pool cleaner that is big enough to take care of your pool’s needs. If your get a pool cleaner that is too small, it is going to have to work too hard to keep your pool clean.

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Go for Manual or Robotic?

When you are deciding between a manual or robotic pool cleaner, the only reason anyone chooses a manual pool cleaner is most often because of the price. Having a robotic pool cleaner makes life much easier since you don’t have to worry about scheduling your cleanings or doing it on your own.

While having a robotic pool cleaner does make things much easier, it is not going to take away all of your pool cleaning responsibilities. You are still going to have to check on your pool’s level of cleanliness as well as pool chemistry and other responsibilities for your specific pool. If you want to take off almost all of the responsibility, you should look into a pool service.

Keeping Your Pool Clean

No matter what option you choose to keep your pool clean, you need to have a specific schedule. Having a schedule for cleaning your pool ensures that it does not get out of hand. You want to make sure that you keep your clean clean continually since it is much easier than having to help your pool recover from an algae bloom or other major dirt issue. It is worth it in terms of time savings and money savings to keep your pool clean.

Premier Pool Service is a great company to look into when you’re thinking about hiring for pool maintenance. We’re dedicated to our job and eager to keep your swimming pool clean. we offer multiple service packages that you can choose from and have multiple branches possibly in a location near you! Contact us today and receive a free in-home evaluation to asses your swimming pool needs.


Ways to Enjoy your Pool this Fall

Fall is here! As summer comes to an end, there is cooler weather and less leafs on trees, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your pool! Fall is an excellent time to enjoy being a pool owner. Premier Pool Service is going to suggest five ways you can enjoy your pool this fall–and not get the winter blues.

1.  Include a new spark of Fire to your Backyard

Enjoy the cool, autumn weather with an outdoor fire pit or fire table in your pool. It’s a fun way to relax with friends and family, and perfect environment for kids to enjoy roasting marshmallows. Not only will it keep you warm, but it provides ambiance and can provide a beautiful look to your patio and landscape.

2. Adding an Attached Spa

An attached spa would be the perfect addition to your beautiful swimming pool. While kids play in the pool, the adults get to lounge in the spa. The warm water provides a relaxing, massaging effect that has many benefits. Premier Pool Service has a sister company called Premier Pools & Spas which offers a wide selection of attachable spas, as well as a pool and spa combination.

3. Installing a Pool Heater

You don’t have to stop swimming in your pool just because summer is over. When heating your pool, you get a longer swim season; in fact, you get to enjoy it year-round. You can even opt for an energy-efficient heater to save on heating costs. If you already have a pool heater and want to upgrade that older equipment, there are energy companies that offer rebates when you upgrade to a more energy efficient heater.

4. Utilize Heaters

Portable gas heaters can provide heat while enjoying your pool-side patio, allowing you to sit back and enjoy cocktails or dinner outside even when during cooler months. As the weather warms up, the heaters can be stored away.

5. Serve up warm drinks

Enjoy the night air and starlight sky by your pool and stay warm with hot cocktails or a cup of hot tea. Bring a cozy blanket with you to stay warm. It can make the perfect date night!

Now is also a great time to service your pool, so that it stays clean during the winter months and is prepped when you wanna jump in come summer time. Contact Premier Pool Service today!

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Pool Pump and Receive a Rebate

Did you know that a typical variable speed pump can pay for itself in as little as 1 to 2 years? Premier Pool Service specializes in upgrading outdated pool pumps to new, energy efficient pumps. Many energy companies will give you a rebate when you upgrade your pump! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get paid to save money. Our Jandy/Zodiac Pool Pumps are designed to minimize the amount of energy used to circulate water in your swimming pool, so you will be saving money all year round.

Premier Pool Service is not only a pool maintenance company, they provide alternative options such as repairs on old or warranty pool equipment that might need replaced. Premier Pool Service’s goal is to give back the rebates that the customer deserves and to provide them with a swimming pool that is energy efficient. Contact us today if you want to upgrade your pool equipment, or if you’re looking to replace a product that isn’t working efficiently.

How can you save Thousands on your Pool?

Save thousands of dollars annually on pool equipment. Zodiac Pool promises to deliver the highest quality products that provide unmatched total system efficiency. Zodiac knows that energy-efficient pools are achieved through innovative designs that maximize hydraulic integrity by focusing on the pool in its entirety, opposed to just a few individual components. Zodiac has developed an integrated solution that performs at a high level of efficiency. No other system is as complete or energy efficient.

What are the best energy saving programs?

Premier Pool Service are paired with Zodiac to change the game that is building swimming pools. Here is one of the best energy saving programs, iAquaLink Control Systems can reduce energy usage, operating costs and chemical needs. This premium automation systems provide complete control with innovative features including temperature maintenance, personalized labeling, automatic dusk activation, and Watercolors and Aqua Pure exclusive interfaces. Plus, with Energy Smart Programming, a patented feature found only in iAquaLink RS, filtration runtimes and chlorinator outputs can be set to automatically adjust to suit seasonal needs.

Products that will save you Money!

  • The Jandy Pro Series Versa Plumb System

The Versa Plumb design is the foundation for efficiency and hydraulic integrity—hydraulic integration by design. Versa Plumb products have been engineered as components of the whole system, not individual pieces of equipment. The result is a pool system that conserves energy and lowers operating costs. It’s friendly to your checkbook and friendly to the environment.

  • VS Plus HP Variable Speed Pump

The VS Plus HP is a high performance, energy efficient pool pump, in a compact body. Save up to 90% in electrical cost savings versus single-speed pool pumps. The VS PlusHP is up to 70% quieter for a peaceful backyard. Ultra-high-efficiency motor features a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) permanent magnet brushless DC motor for cooler operation and extended motor life.

Premier Pool Service will help you with any repairs or wanted upgrades you may be interested in. Call us today and convert your swimming pool into an energy efficient money saver.