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Transforming your Pool & Yard with Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting – Ideas & Benefits

Pool lighting allows you to transform your backyard environment and enhance your family’s pool experience.

Customized pool lights allow pool owners to change the mood and highlight water features and architectural elements throughout the pool. Pool lighting helps create a backyard atmosphere that’s exceeding yours. Today’s energy-efficient LED pool lighting helps you save money and improve safety for night swimming and backyard entertainment.

Benefits of Pool and Spa Lighting

Pool lighting can help create a backyard pool experience that meets your expectations and achieves your dreams. Here are some of the many benefits of pool lighting:

  • Creates shimmering effects on water features in the pool
  • Adds vibrant, mood-enhancing color
  • Allows you to use the pool in the evening
  • Improves visibility and safety
  • Can be effective with additional lighting throughout the yard
  • Defines walls, decks, and architectural elements

Set the Tone

You can use the captivating magic of lighting to create a back yard oasis that expands far beyond your pool. Lighting in and around your pool adds beauty, drama and mystery to your pool environment.

With all the options pool lighting achieves, from white lights to color effects, these lights will catch your eye. Lift the tone with bright lights and playful color effects intended to be suitable for any occasion or event. Bring enthusiasm to your back yard oasis with mood-enhancing lighting. Celebrate holidays or birthdays with jubilant colored lights. Whatever your mood, pool lighting lets you create the back yard atmosphere that you desire.

Emphasize Water Features

You can emphasize beautiful water features in your backyard and pool area with distinctive lighting solutions using LED lights.

These small, vibrant lights are the perfect solution for illuminating water features in your backyard or pool:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Spas
  • Jets
  • Steps
  • Bubblers
  • Baja shelves

Heighten Pool Safety

Pool safety is heightened with the additional use of pool lighting. Pool, spa, and backyard lights can provide luminescence for night swimming or poolside safety while entertaining.

Pool lighting enhances the visibility and safety for your guests around your pool. It improves contrast and highlights transitions between the pool and decks, walkways, stairs and other hard-to-see places. Underwater lighting allows for safer, more enjoyable swimming at night. Not only is it easier for swimmers to see at night, it is also a great way to provide better visualization when monitoring others, especially children and pets.

Pool lighting prolongs the life of your pool, allowing you to take full control of your pool after night falls. Night swimming is a unique and very relaxing pool experience increased by the luminescence lighting.

Enjoy Your Pool – Day and Night

Adding lighting can change the mood and feel of your pool, it also provides a luminescent elegance to your backyard atmosphere. It can extend the use of your pool so that you can take full advantage of summer nights – enjoy a swim and an active social life by the pool on beautiful evenings. The lighting you choose can increase safety by improving visibility and highlighting architectural areas, such as stairs and ramps. Enjoy a beautiful outdoor environment, even when it’s dark out, when you add LED pool lighting.

Hire Premier Pool Service to install beautifully selected LED pool lights to enhance your backyard and pool. We also offer multiple service packages, repairs, upgrades and installations. Contact us today!

Ways to Enjoy your Pool this Fall

Fall is here! As summer comes to an end, there is cooler weather and less leafs on trees, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your pool! Fall is an excellent time to enjoy being a pool owner. Premier Pool Service is going to suggest five ways you can enjoy your pool this fall–and not get the winter blues.

1.  Include a new spark of Fire to your Backyard

Enjoy the cool, autumn weather with an outdoor fire pit or fire table in your pool. It’s a fun way to relax with friends and family, and perfect environment for kids to enjoy roasting marshmallows. Not only will it keep you warm, but it provides ambiance and can provide a beautiful look to your patio and landscape.

2. Adding an Attached Spa

An attached spa would be the perfect addition to your beautiful swimming pool. While kids play in the pool, the adults get to lounge in the spa. The warm water provides a relaxing, massaging effect that has many benefits. Premier Pool Service has a sister company called Premier Pools & Spas which offers a wide selection of attachable spas, as well as a pool and spa combination.

3. Installing a Pool Heater

You don’t have to stop swimming in your pool just because summer is over. When heating your pool, you get a longer swim season; in fact, you get to enjoy it year-round. You can even opt for an energy-efficient heater to save on heating costs. If you already have a pool heater and want to upgrade that older equipment, there are energy companies that offer rebates when you upgrade to a more energy efficient heater.

4. Utilize Heaters

Portable gas heaters can provide heat while enjoying your pool-side patio, allowing you to sit back and enjoy cocktails or dinner outside even when during cooler months. As the weather warms up, the heaters can be stored away.

5. Serve up warm drinks

Enjoy the night air and starlight sky by your pool and stay warm with hot cocktails or a cup of hot tea. Bring a cozy blanket with you to stay warm. It can make the perfect date night!

Now is also a great time to service your pool, so that it stays clean during the winter months and is prepped when you wanna jump in come summer time. Contact Premier Pool Service today!