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Premier Pool Service can repair any type of pool filter. It’s important to service your pools filter every 6 months on all cartridge and DE filters. In many parts of the United States that are popular for swimming pools – California, Texas, Arizona and Florida in particular – pool owners will experience a need to replace pool filters more frequently. Most pool filters are constructed of fiberglass shells that can withstand pressure readings of 50psi. Dry heat and sun beaten summers slowly break down fiberglass. causing the tank to split open and spray water everywhere.The change from extreme hot to the abnormally cold winter we experience once every 5 years or so is very common for stretching and cracking these filters. If you are visibly seeing cloudy water coming into the pool from the return or the pool jets, then you most likely have a filter issue. This could be caused by a number of reasons but best case scenario it is due to a bad filter valve or spring which is easily repaired. Another possibility would be dirty or worn out DE grids or cartridges that need to be cleaned or replaced.

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High filter pressure can cause parts of your pool filter to crack, including the tank so you don’t want to dismiss an issue like this, especially since there have been reports of high pressure blowing the lids off of the pool filter! If you own a sand or DE filter they require backwashing so if your pool filter pressure gauge is reading too high then it may simply mean it is time to backwash the filter. Other issues like clogged plumbing lines or simply a bad pressure gauge can cause circulation problems in your pool. These are all service and repair issues that Premier Pools is capable of handling for you. Got a green pool? We’d be happy to diagnose the issue and clean it for you. Get a FREE estimate today.

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