Pollen, like leafs, are natural things and will some way or another end up in your swimming pool. Pollen can easily be removed from your swimming pool, but figuring out if it’s actually pollen or if it is a form of algae that has attached itself to the walls of your swimming pool is the next question. There are a few extra steps that you have to follow if you wan to get rid of the pollen and it is heavier. Pollen is typically heavier during the spring and summer months because of all the flowers blooming and nature brighter in the warmer weather. Follow these steps and your swimming pool will be rid of the yellow pollen from it.

Being allergic to pollen is another reason why you’ll want to clean your swimming pool of the yellow pollen floating around. Pollen is released in higher quantities during certain seasons, typically these seasons are when the flowers are blooming and when it is quite warm outside.

The next question is whether the pollen floating around in your swimming pool is actually pollen or if it is algae. Normally when people think of algae they think of this green slime that takes over the surface that it is attached on. Now pollen is brighter yellow and floats on top of your swimming pool, while yellow algae sticks to the sides of your swimming pool. Be sure that you’re trying to get rid of the pollen and not algae because to clean algae out of your pool is a different process.

Run your Pool Filter

Running your pool filter is the first thing you’ll want to do in attempt to get the pollen out of your swimming pool. Now normally pool owners in La Grange, Texas don’t run their pool filters all day long, seven days a week. Although, you’ll want to run it more than you already are.

Skim the Water

Skimming the top of your swimming pool is the best way to get the pollen out of your swimming pool and you’ll need to skim the top of your pool more regularly. Even though you clean your pool weekly. If you’re trying to get rid of pollen from your swimming pool, you’ll want to skim your swimming pool everyday until the pollen is gone.

Pool Equipment

Another thing that will help you get rid of the pollen from your swimming pool is setting up a pool vacuum. The pool vacuum will help clean the water and pollen that might have fallen to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Shock your Pool

If this doesn’t work with getting rid of the pollen, then you’ll want to shock your swimming pool. Shocking your swimming pool means it’ll clean the water and balance out the chemicals to clean your swimming pool as much as possible. 

Lastly, if you don’t exactly know what to do or don’t have time to clean your swimming pool there is always the option to hire a pool service that can clean your swimming pool for you. Premier Pool Service has a series of packages that you can choose from to do your weekly pool maintenance, and if you’re having additional problems that your swimming pool needs extra care just let your local, La grange, Texas, pool professionals know and they will take a look at cleaning up your swimming pool so it’s back to its normal blue color.