Introducing Premier Pool Service

As a pool builder in business since 1988, we have seen countless changes in our industry; but none as drastic as in the last 6 years. For the builders that survived the economic crisis, it can still be a struggle every day. Yet, in the past 6 years, our business has experienced 416% growth!  By extension the Pool Service and Maintenance side of the industry was also hard hit during the downturn.

With that in mind, we are introducing Premier Pool Service.  We have the unique opportunity to leverage the knowledge and success we gained while developing replicatable and scalable franchise strategies for the Pool Service side of the business.  With over 11 million existing pools, and less than half of them utilizing a weekly pool cleaning service, we are well positioned to lead this growth industry with our proven track record of results!

We have been pleased at the number of likeminded entrepreneurs who united under the Premier Pools & Spas umbrella.  We are confident the opportunity on the service side of the industry is even more compelling for well positioned companies who are tired of “going it alone”.  Based on our size and demonstrated growth pattern, we have once again been able to secure the best buying power, rebates, and warranties in the industry.

A Company Culture Unlike Any Other

Our company culture is unlike any other as our franchisees are supportive of one another, share knowledge and celebrate successes. This family oriented approach led us to develop a proven exit strategy that will enable you to reap the benefits of years of hard work or leave a legacy for your children.

As we continue to grow, we invite you to explore the opportunity we are presenting you with. This is an opportunity to get a great return on a minimal investment and to join us in the next phase of our unprecedented growth. Are you ready to be part of the largest and fastest growing pool company on the planet?