It is always important to keep your pool clean and to do that you need to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. If you don’t keep up with swimming pool maintenance then your swimming pool is going to end up looking like a swamp. It is very easy to forget about pool maintenance; in fact, tons of pool owners don’t even care to keep up on their pool maintenance, which can cause your swimming pool various damages in the future. Keeping your swimming pool clean can prevent damage and having a dirty pool. No one wants to go swimming in a green, algae infested pool.

Why Your Pool is Green

Your swimming pool grows bacteria when the chemicals in your pool are not balanced correctly. Chlorine is one of the most important chemicals to have in your swimming pool because its bleaching agent kills the bacteria that finds its way into your swimming pool. There are also different stages that bacteria, such as algae, grows. If your swimming pool is turning a lighter cloudy color the algae is just starting to attack your pool. The darker it gets the more aggressive you have to be with cleaning treatment. There are fast and effective ways to clear the algae from your swimming pool. Using shock or chlorine in your swimming pool is the most effective and kills the algae within a couple of days. If you keep up with your pool maintenance you can prevent your swimming pool from getting dirty. Here are multiple ways to prevent your swimming pool from reaching the algae infested stage.

Weekly Maintenance

Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is vital to your swimming pool. One of the many benefits to keeping your swimming pool clean is the way the pumps and filters run, which makes the swimming pool last longer. When you neglect your swimming pool maintenance and it gets dirty, your swimming pool pump has to work harder, which means that the pumps and filters are going to have to be replaced more frequently.

Some maintenance tasks you’ll want to keep up on weekly is skimming the pool for any dirt and debris. Clearing your swimming pool of leafs and dirt causes it to not only be cleaner, but dirt and leafs is an easy attraction for algae growth. For dirt that may already be at the bottom of your swimming pool it would be a smart investment to get a pool vacuum and a pool brush. Brushing the bottom of your swimming pool breaks the dirt and debris that hangout down there. The filter and the vacuum can catch all the dirt and leafs that you’ve stirred around leaving your pool cleaner in the long run.

Checking and making sure your pool chemicals are all balanced is another weekly thing that you’ll need to keep up with. The pH balance of your swimming pool should be anywhere around 7.4-7.6. Keeping your chemicals balanced is important so no additional bacteria has the opportunity to grow in your swimming pool.