Advantages of Swimming Pool Covers

After swimming pool coversswimming in your pool all summer, the time has come to close it for the season.

It’s incredible how many of us overlook the importance of pool covers and don’t think twice about them the entire year. As the temperatures drop, a sturdy cover is what keeps your pool safe and healthy for the next swimming season.

Here are the full benefits of swimming pool covers:

Enhanced Pool Safety

It is always a good idea to keep a watchful eye on where kids and pets meander. Although nothing beats adult supervision, a sturdy pool cover can be an extra layer of protection against catastrophe. By choosing a pool cover that only opens or closes with a key, you can ensure the safe movement of children and animals in your backyard.

Water Conservation

Evaporation can cause as much as 70% of water loss, translating to 2-4 inches per week. Well-fitted swimming pool covers can reduce water waste by up to 95%. They also combat evaporation loss by approximately 30-40%.

Use of Fewer Pool Chemicals

You may add pool chemic, especially chlorine, to sanitize the water, but it degrades in UV light. When you have a pool cover, fewer UV rays hit the water. So, there will be less chemical consumption.

Energy Efficiency

A solar pool cover helps retain heat during the night, which can lower the cost of pool heating.

All pool covers prevent evaporation, which causes water loss as well as heat loss.

Cleaner Pool

Incorporating a pool cover keeps your pool area attractive, as the water doesn’t get dirty. Even if you open your pool for a couple of hours a day and cover it up later, there is still less dirt than if you hadn’t covered it at all. The pool cover virtually blocks dirt and debris, ensuring a cleaner swim environment.

Time Savings on Pool Maintenance

A pool cover cuts the time needed to run your automatic pool cleaner. Even manual cleaning efforts like scooping out debris from the water surface will reduce. The filtration cycles also get shorter, which means time, energy, and money savings.

Types of Pool Covers

Winter Covers: They protect your pool during seasonal closing times and extreme temperature, and help avoid debris. These covers are easy to install, with water bags holding them down.

Thermal Covers: They have an insulating material that effectively retains heat in the water. They help reduce the chance of algae growth. You need professional help with the installation.

Safety Covers: Safety pool covers are secured by straps and springs that anchor them to the pool deck. Their specific designs prevent children and pets from accidental drowning.

Solar Covers: They are lightweight solar blankets that absorb natural sunlight during the day to heat the pool. They prevent heat from escaping during the night.

Automatic Covers: You can operate automatic pool covers by pushing a button. They offer superior protection against accidents. Some automatic covers can be hidden and come in aesthetically pleasing designs that suit your backyard.

No matter what kind of pool cover you want for your custom backyard oasis, Premier Pools Service experts can install them. Contact us to get more details or to start pool service.