Pool Circulation and Water Levels & Flow

pool circulation water levelsSwimming pool circulation is vital to keep your pool water clean and clear of damaging, unhealthy elements. Equipment that keeps your pool water moving will help you avoid stagnant water and problems with algae.

There’s quite a bit to know about pool water circulation, so we are introducing the necessary steps in a three-part series, which will include instructional videos to help you keep things moving.

Drains and Skimmers

Drains and skimmers play important roles in pool circulation. For easy reference, your water level should be halfway over the tile line and the skimmer.

Inside the skimmer is a hinged door called a Weir door, with a float on top. When the pump turns on, the water flow pulls the door open and the water skims over the top.

The door flows open and pulls debris into the accompanying skimmer basket. When the pump is turned off, the skimmer door closes and traps the debris in the basket.

pool circulation weir door The skimmer basket will require periodic checking, to ensure there are no cracks or splits.  Too much debris in the skimmer basket will also restrict flow and decrease circulation.

The Weir door may become displaced after heavy swimming activity and can get sucked into the skimmer basket or appear in your pool. The door plays an important role in keeping debris from getting into your equipment and pipes. Weir doors are easy to reinstall or replace.

The drains at the bottom of many pools pull the water from the bottom of the pool. This water flows to the pump, ensuring water from the bottom is also circulated. Some pool cleaners are plugged into the suction side of the pool’s system and in effect, become a moving main drain roaming around the pool floor.

This video shows the process discussed above. Mike Ribnikar, the owner of our Dallas service location, shares each step.

This concludes the first part of our 3-part series on pool circulation. If you require further assistance with your swimming pool equipment, cleaning, or maintenance, contact Premier Pool Service via the form below. We offer free estimates and peace of mind.

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