Pool Circulation and Your Swimming Pool Equipment

Jandy pool pump basketContinuing our series on pool circulation, we will discuss your pool circulation equipment, and what happens once water travels through the drains and skimmers.

The water continues through the pipes to the pump. The pipes in front of the swimming pool equipment are located on the suction side. These pipes deliver the water to the pump. The water’s direction is controlled by valves.

There are different types of valves on pool circulation equipment, and yours may vary, depending on the manufacturer. Some pools have two-way valves. An optional setup includes a three-way valve which allows water to flow in three directions. The valves are fitted with stoppers so that deadheading of the valves cannot occur if installed properly.

Water proceeds from the pipes through the pump basket where debris is collected. This is a different basket than the skimmer basket. Anything that gets past the skimmer basket can end up in the pump basket. In order to maintain proper circulation, the pump basket and the skimmer basket must be maintained frequently. Heavy debris loads can restrict water flow. 

Water traverses through the pump basket into the pump. The pump is the main engine of the circulation system. Think of it as the heart of the entire apparatus.

pool water flow equipmentThere are three different types of pumps available for you to choose from single-speed (are being eliminated as of July 2021), two-speed, or variable speed. This piece of pool equipment ranges in price, functionality, and long-term costs. All turn the water over and provide flow, allowing the rest of the pool equipment to function correctly and ensure pool circulation.

Once the water flows through the pump the impeller pushed the water toward the filter. If you have a cartridge filter it will contain four filter elements or cartridges, which require cleaning approximately every four to six weeks, (click here for 10 easy steps to filter cleaning).

If equipped, the water proceeds to the sanitizer, which kills bacteria and algae in the swimming pool’s water before it returns to the pool.

The water then travels through additional pipes and returns to the pool and can be directed through valves to returns, cleaning systems, or water features, if available.

To learn more about swimming pool equipment, its operation, and maintenance, check out the video below.

In our next post, we will discuss water chemistry and water return, and how they relate to pool water circulation. Stay tuned!

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