There are many different numbers going into purchasing a heat pump for your swimming pool. There is the initial cost, maintenance cost, repair costs and operating costs. Good thing we’re here to go over all of that with you, help lead you in the right direction and help you get a better understanding about what you’ll be spending your money on.

Initial Costs

The biggest part of this investment is actually buying the heat pump for your swimming pool. Although the cost to run the heat pump is low, most homeowners decline the offer because of the initial cost of the heat pump itself. To purchase the heat pump itself is anywhere from $2,000-$3,000. After that you have the actual heat pump, now you have to get it installed. Which will add on to your bill, with the pool builders of your choice you can have it installed. They’ll charge you for the installation of the heat pump, Labor hour costs and parts.  This is pretty much all you need to know about the initial cost to get a heat pump for your swimming pool.

Operation Costs

Our next focus is what it costs to operate the heat pump. This cost can vary so easily due to all the factors you have to consider when operating a heat pump. There is the size of the swimming pool, the heating source, cost of electricity, how warm you want the pool to be, and what the weather is like around you. All these things determine what your price will come out to be. Luckily, heat pumps cost very little to operate because they’re so energy efficient. You can spend as little as $2 a day to heat up your swimming pool. If you’ve invested in a solar pool cover and utilize that it will bring down your cost tremendously. Home owners that have a pool cover tend to spend anywhere between$100-$400 dollars on their heat pump and $800-$1,000 with out the pool cover.


Maintenance Costs

To get that life time span out of your heat pump you’ve got to keep up with it’s maintenance. Typically, you can get it annually checked with your pool builder for a low price. Price depending on what pool builder you choose to keep up with the maintenance on your swimming pool.

Repair Costs

Repair costs vary greatly, depending on what manufacturer you buy it from and how long the warranty is, if there is one at all. Some warranties last different amounts of time as well, so that is another factor to throw in there. Repair on a heat pump can be anywhere from $100- $1000. Depending on what’s wrong with the pump and what parts need to be fixed. Although, this can all be avoided if you keep up with the maintenance aspect of this. It will last a lot longer and cause you less problems if you keep it clean and maintained.