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Pool Service St George
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Services We Offer:

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

Not Yet Offered:

  • Pool Inspections

  • Leak Detections

  • Safety Fences

  • Pool Interiors

Pool Service St George – Premier Pool Service

Make sure your St. George pool stays beautiful and functional for years to come with professional pool services from Premier Pool Service. Our experts will take on anything that threatens its charm, like harsh sunlight, weather damage, or normal wear-and-tear – so you can enjoy life in the pool worry-free! Call us now or fill out the form below to book our pool cleaning and maintenance services.

Hire Professional Pool Technicians In St. George, Utah

If you’ve been looking at your pool recently with dissatisfaction, the drab appearance may be indicative of a more serious problem. Instead of settling for neglect and lack of maintenance, why not turn to an experienced team? Premier Pool Service is here to help you get the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of. With our expertise in pool service and maintenance, we can quickly diagnose any underlying issues that stand between your swimming pool’s current dullness and its potential glory. Let us give it the care it deserves so both you and your family can enjoy a beautiful oasis for years to come!

At Premier Pool Service, we make sure your pool looks its best no matter where you are. Cleaning and servicing pools in St. George, Hurricane, Springdale, Cedar City and Enoch areas with quality service and sparkling results is our specialty! We understand that pools come in all shapes and sizes and we are well-versed in cleaning them all.

St George Residential Pool Service

Crystalline water might indicate that your pool is healthy, hinting at the proper functioning of filtration tools. But streaks of discoloration on tiles can be an alarming sight, and pose a threat to the overall ecosystem of your pool. Allow Premier’s St. George residential pool service package to lend you a helping hand: we inspect the filters, detect any potential leak points, or explore any issues with overheating pumps and balance out the water chemistry accordingly.

Outdoor tidiness is also taken into account – along with pool tile cleaning – making it easier for you to enjoy a pleasant recreational experience in an appealing backyard setting!

St George Commercial Pool Service

Maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in pool environments is a top priority for gyms and fitness centers that are looking to attract those wanting to get healthy. At Premier Pool Service of St. George, we understand how critical it is that commercial pools remain clean, which is why our experienced technicians provide an extensive range of pool care services including removing leaves, inspecting equipment and monitoring pH and chemical balance levels in the water.

Nothing escapes our watchful gaze; even hightraffic areas as well as all concealed spaces are checked carefully to make sure there isn‘t a trace of dirt, oil or algae left behind so you can swim with confidence!

St George Weekly Pool Service

Every week we make the journey to your tropical oasis in St. George, ready to deliver efficient yet comprehensive pool service. Whether it’s simply cleaning the filters or adding a generous dose of shock for extra cleanliness, no job is too big or small for us! We take great care when testing the pH levels and if we happen to find that all looks good but you’re still noticing an unclear green hue in the water, never fear – our staff are always more than willing to run through a backwash cycle on your filter system which will ensure any stuck debris and gunk is completely removed.

Let us take away any worry and replace it with peace of mind – rest assured knowing your swimming paradise is in skilled hands with our dependable weekly pool service!

St George Seasonal Pool Service

Take the plunge and ensure that your pool is protected from winter’s chill and ready for swim season when it arrives. Premier Pool Service of St. George can help make cold-weather swimming a reality with quality pool heaters, as well as protect your backyard retreat with drain plugs and covers throughout the colder months.

Our thorough opening services include cleaning all surfaces, reinstalling any accessories, adding necessary chemicals to prevent algae growth or other damage, and getting everything perfect before you dive in! Don’t wait until summer to start making waves – choose to defend against icy temperatures now and ensure every night during the cooler months will be peaceful swims in perfectly heated bliss.

St George Pool Tile Cleaning

If you start to notice an unwelcome change in the surfaces of your pool, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Ugly waterline tiles are often caused by unbalanced pH levels, or calcium seeping from the materials beneath them. When this happens all you can think of is ‘how do I fix this and get my once beautiful pool back?’ At Premier Pool Service of St. George we have a solution for you!

Our team uses nonabrasive materials to give your tiles a deep clean, leaving them sparkling like new – free of annoyingly persistent mineral deposits. Vacuuming allows us to make sure every surface has been correctly dealt with and bring your stunning oasis back to life!

St George Hot Tub and Spa Service

Pool owners increasingly choose to take advantage of the therapeutic and recreational benefits that hot tubs and spas can provide. However, when temperature variations or poor water quality spoil these sessions, all the rewards from relaxation can be swiftly undermined. If you are looking for a service provider who will ensure your hydrotherapy sessions go uninterrupted in an optimally hygienic environment then Premier Pool Service of St. George is your best choice!

Not only do we specialize in adding necessary sanitizers and chemicals to keep seating areas, pillows, and fixtures clean at all times; but we also offer inspections as well as equipment replacements if needed so that each session remains safe and enjoyable.

St George Stone, Tile, and Deck Sealing

From the humidity of summer to the dampness of autumn and winter, your outdoor inground pool is exposed to harsh weather that can damage its appearance. Nature can leave behind unsightly hard stains that a garden hose is not always sufficient enough to eradicate. And while pressure washing gets rid of some dirt and discoloration, it could loosen the pool’s structure over time. Premier presents an answer with our St. George stone, tile and deck sealing service!

We start by giving your pool an intensive rinse and scrub down before treating any stained areas with special care using high-end sealant products specifically designed for outdoor environments. This will guard against further deterioration due to shifts in climate or unnatural elements which could otherwise cause lasting aesthetic harm – preserving both its look as well as longevity for years to come!

The Premier Pool Service team understands that you need an effective pool maintenance plan to make the most of your swim season.

Contact owners Jason and Elizabeth Giddens by filling out the form below or calling 435-255-3633

St. George, UT

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

St. George Pool Service

We clean and service pools in St. George, Hurricane, Springdale, Cedar City, Enoch, and everywhere in between.

Make a splash and call on our team of pool technicians in St. George Utah! We are primed to provide you with the most reliable pool service in the USA so your swimming pool is sure to be pristine. Don’t hesitate – dial up our experts today for all your pool needs!

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