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Jackson Pool Service Helps You Save Time and Effort

Swimming in your Jackson, MS pool can be a lot of fun for your family. But you may not want to devote several hours a week to clear the debris or scrub pool walls.

Let Premier Jackson Pool Service professionals assist you. With advanced pool care techniques, we can save you both valuable time and energy.

Entrust Your Backyard Oasis to the Top-Rated Pool Service in Jackson

The certified team at Premier Pool Service in Jackson has earned an excellent reputation among our customers.

Services we offer in Jackson:

Residential Pool Service

Some common residential pool issues that crop up due to improper pool care include green or cloudy water and discolored tiles. Jackson residential pool service addresses these pool problems and more.

We add stabilizer tablets, shock the pool between 7.2 and 7.6 pH, and backwash the filter until problems are cleared. We vacuum and brush the pool floor, clean the tiles to remove algae, and apply a deck sealant.

Commercial Pool Service

Compared to backyard pools, commercial facilities are high-traffic areas, and you can expect a higher magnitude of problems. Dirt, body oils, hair, cosmetics, and organic matter can enter  the water.

Premier’s experienced Jackson commercial pool service will keep these matters in check. We test and balance the chemicals, pH levels, chlorine, perform through inspections, and give the pool a deep clean to comply with the code.

Weekly Pool Service

We check and clean the filters as part of our Jackson weekly pool service. Clean and well-functioning pool filters are responsible for your pool’s health and the quality of your swim sessions. They keep debris out and ensure proper pool circulation.

In addition to inspecting your pool filters, we scour the water surface for leaves, twigs, dead bugs, and more. By emptying the skimmer baskets regularly, we prevent dangerous algae from breeding in the water, and ensure that your pool is safe and clean.

Seasonal Pool Service

Your pool needs special attention when temperatures change.

Jackson seasonal pool service can help preserve your pool in the winter, and prepare it for the swim season. Premier utilizes winterizing solutions to protect your pool, accessories, equipment, and plumbing fixtures from damages.

We lower the water, add chemicals or anti-freeze if needed, and use a winter cover to secure your pool from pest invasions. When spring arrives, let us open it up, add shock, and ensure all equipment is functioning.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Black algae, mineral deposits, or discoloration of the tiles can diminish pool aesthetics and harm the swimming environment. Depending on the situation, we use chlorine granules and scrape off fungi, algae, and bacteria from pool surfaces.

Premier’s pool tile cleaning service uses different tools for different materials. For gunite pools, we use a stiff brush, whereas, for vinyl or fiberglass tiles and walls, we prefer a nonabrasive scrubbing pad. In any situation, we ensure that your pool’s beauty shines through the surfaces.

Hot Tub and Spa Service

Most spa fixtures, such as nozzles and inlets, can accumulate residues.  Premier’s Jackson hot tub and spa service manually cleans these stains using anti-scaling agents.

We use spa polish that allows surfaces to shine bright and clean in all contact areas, like seating and foot spaces. If there are stale chlorine smells or pungent odors from sulfur deposits, we drain and refill the water, and chemically treat the spa.

Stone, Tile, and Deck Sealing

Premier’s Stone, tile, and deck sealing service in Jackson can help remove unappealing specks from your pool hardscape. We remove dirt, efflorescence, grease, and other surface contaminants before we begin the deck sealing process.

We apply waterproofing sealants, which can prevent severe problems like moisture penetration into underlying material. We retain the color of the decking material, as our products do not change the material’s tint.

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