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Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy with El Dorado Hills Pool Service

A backyard pool at your El Dorado Hills home means there is a permanent fixture providing both relaxation and recreation. But it comes with the added responsibility of cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping up with adequate swimming pool maintenance ensures your pool remains a sanitary and safe oasis.

Create a healthy swimming environment for your family with expert pool service in El Dorado Hills. Premier Pool Service is a full-service company that employs knowledgeable professionals to handle all your pool issues.

Comprehensive Swimming Pool Solutions from El Dorado Hills Pool Service

Pool care professionals help you protect your investment, increase the pool’s lifespan, and enhance the beauty of your home. Our services help you maintain a hygienic pool through all seasons.

Services we offer in El Dorado Hills:

Residential Pool Service

El Dorado Hills residential pool service lets you dive into pristine water every time you swim. A clean pool indicates perfect health and the absence of harmful toxins.

Active circulation requires a pool pump and filter in good condition. We inspect and maintain your pool’s pump. We also ensure optimal water levels, clean equipment, and balance the chemicals. After identifying potential issues, we address them with our professional repair services.

Commercial Pool Service

Serving a multitude of clients can cause pool hardscapes to get chipped or dented, leading to safety hazards. Premier’s El Dorado Hills commercial pool services help maintain the pool areas and keep them clean and attractive.

With our deck sealing service, we remove unsightly stains that could ruin your profits and reputation. When you choose our comprehensive package, we drain the pool, check every inch for leaks or cracks, and clean and inspect all of the equipment.

Weekly Pool Service

Neglecting your pool’s cleaning schedule may cause microorganisms to breed in the pool. You can avoid these issues with Premier’s El Dorado Hills weekly pool service.

We start by removing the leaves and debris in the pool, and brushing the tiles, floor, and walls. Then, we empty the skimmer baskets, clean, and put them back. We balance the chemicals so that fungi and bacteria get eliminated and the pool is safe to use.

Seasonal Pool Service

Hiring Premier’s El Dorado Hills seasonal pool service is vital when it is time to close your backyard pool. The process involves draining the pool, emptying the filters, and adding a winter cover.

Since we are based locally, we know the climate, and can properly winterize your El Dorado Hills pool without damaging the pipes or water pumps. We also provide pool opening service at the start of the swim season.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Get rid of ugly white patches on your pool perimeter with Premier’s pool tile cleaning services. Scales and patches on pools are typically comprised of calcium and other mineral deposits that may rise to the surface from below the tiles.

These deposits are caused by tiles that are were not sealed properly during construction, or by alterations to your pool’s pH. Prevent algae buildup and toxic water with our pool tile cleaning service.  We clean the waterline tiles and reseal the grout.

Hot Tub and Spa Service

Spa and hot tub cleaning differs from pool cleaning as there are more contact surfaces. The pH and alkalinity levels also vary. Premier’s El Dorado Hills hot tub and spa service can tidy fixtures, nozzles, and seating areas.

We brush the surfaces, so there is no oil residue to make them slippery. By adding sufficient amounts of sanitizers, chlorine, and other necessary chemicals, we turn your spa or hot tub into a safe and sanitary oasis.

Stone, Tile, and Deck Sealing

Maintaining speck-free pool surfaces with Premier’s stone, tile, and deck sealing service in El Dorado Hills is critical for any pool owner Muddy footprints, beverage spills, and seasonal variations affecting the deck can make the entire pool area unappealing.

Our specialized sealant application process for stone, deck, and tiles erase mineral scaling and ugly stains. We improve traction with muriatic solutions that do not tamper with pool pH levels.

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