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College Station Pool Service Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Services We Offer:

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

Not Yet Offered:

  • Pool Inspections

  • Leak Detections

  • Safety Fences

  • Pool Interiors

Premier College Station Pool Service Takes Care of All Your Pool Maintenance Requirements

As a proud owner of a swimming pool in College Station, you want to make the most of your family’s swim time. But, are you dedicating the right amount of time and effort to pool maintenance?

College Station Pool Service Company Protects Your Investment

Pool maintenance is a huge responsibility that you need to take seriously to keep your backyard retreat in perfect form.

Hiring our expert services means you have a secure space to chill out during the summer. You also get a good return on your investment, with decreased chances of repairs and an increased pool lifespan.

Residential Pool Service

Regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining a sparkly pool. College Station residential pool service includes skimming the surface for floating debris, sticks, and leaves. We also vacuum the pool and remove the residual elements that sink to the bottom.

We clean the filter and prevent the water from turning into a thriving community of harmful bacteria. Our pool technicians make sure to add the necessary algicides to eliminate algae build-up on the tiles and walls.

Commercial Pool Service

Businesses such as water parks have elaborate structures that need the expertise of Premier College Station commercial pool service technicians. We make sure that each area, every nook, and crevice is thoroughly cleaned, and that there are no slippery spots.

Due to the traffic in commercial pools, pH imbalances need to be addressed. We’ll restore the water chemistry and make the pool environment hygienic again.

Weekly Pool Service

Premier College Station’s weekly pool service covers several critical aspects of pool care, such as pump and filter inspections. We ensure that your pool equipment operates appropriately, without the risk of any malfunctions.

Water levels in swimming pools may decrease due to evaporation and fall below the skimmer basket. This reduces water circulation efficiency and leads to overheating the pool pump. Your pool filter will be cleaned inside and out, as we bring back the appropriate levels of circulation needed for your pool to function effectively.

Seasonal Pool Service

Most College Station, TX, pools remain closed in the winter. When you want to winterize your pool and spa, our seasonal pool service can help.

Premier College Station seasonal pool service provides the needed winter protection for your pool and safe storage of the equipment and accessories. We balance the chemicals and shock the water when it is time to open in the spring.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Murky film coatings or white and brown calcium patches that form on the waterline tiles diminish the pool aesthetics. These ugly rings are mainly mineral deposits that result from a poor pH level.

With some help from our La Grange pool tile cleaning service, you can get rid of these stubborn and nasty-looking scales. We use steel-bristled brushes to scrub your tiles thoroughly and bring back their lost shine.

Hot Tub and Spa Service

Pool technicians chemically treat the water in your spa and hot tub, to create a sanitary space to relax. Our College Station hot tub and spa service provides weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedules to eradicate harmful contaminants.

We drain the spa, air out the cover, and gently wipe the surfaces with non-toxic cleaning products. After filling the water, we balance the chemicals to get your spa in tip-top condition

Stone, Tile, and Deck Sealing

A pool deck that has loose or cracked surfaces is susceptible to water penetration and mold issues. We provide stone, tile, and deck sealing services for natural stone, concrete, and other pool decks.

By improving the deck traction, we also add years of life to the underlying materials and ensure a structurally sound pool area. For porous surfaces, we use water-based sealers to give them a matte finish and offer protection from salt penetration.

Pool maintenance is a never-ending job. Let the professionals at Premier Pool Service handle the tough jobs. Our qualified team specializes in providing year-round pool service in College Station. Fill in the form below for a free quote.

College Station, TX

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Pool Opening & Closing

  • Filter Cleaning

Our team of professional pool technicians is ready to serve you and take care of all of your pool needs in College Station. So, when you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ll be here.

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