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Services We Offer:

  • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Safety Fences

  • Leak Detections

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Pool Inspections

  • Pool Interiors

  • Pool Opening & Closing

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    Abilene Pool Service, Cleaning, and Maintenance

    Your backyard pool is one of the most significant investments that you can make.

    By choosing a qualified team specializing in Abilene pool service, your investment remains protected, while you continue to enjoy your outdoor space.

    Premier Abilene Pool Service has experienced and licensed professionals that are well-versed in handling every pool issue you may face.

    Abilene Pool Service Company Ensures the Health of Your Pool

    You properly care for your vehicle with regular servicing and take your pet to the groomers to keep it clean and healthy. Likewise, your pool also needs attention from pool service professionals.

    Residential Pool Service

    Trained pool technicians from our Abilene residential pool service can spot the tiniest of pool troubles on the verge of damaging the entire structure. In our weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions, we inspect each aspect of the pool, from the equipment to accessories.

    By vacuuming the pool, brushing the floor, and cleaning out the filter, we eliminate toxic particulates. We ensure that the optimum levels of chemicals are present in your pool, so you can have a safe swimming environment.

    Commercial Pool Service

    Even if your guests shower before entering your pool, the human body still has traces of cosmetics, hair gels, or sunblock remaining behind. These fluids tamper with the water pH and affect the functioning of the pool pump and filter.

    Hiring Premier’s Abilene commercial pool service will allow you to have a fresh-smelling, hygienic pool that attracts more customers. We also help you maintain the surrounding areas in top shape.

    Weekly Pool Service

    Premier’s weekly pool service includes performing a chemical balance analysis, getting rid of all the debris that floats on the water surface, and scrubbing the tiles. Our trained eyes and telescopic pole fish out any gunk that sinks to the bottom of the pool.

    Abilene weekly pool service experts routinely check for free and total chlorine levels in your pool and add chlorine tablets. We provide maintenance for saltwater pools that require a different alkalinity level.

    Seasonal Pool Service

    Having an expert team deal with pool winterizing procedures allows for peace of mind. Abilene’s seasonal pool service can offer much-needed protection to your pool structure in the colder months.

    We adequately cover the pool after removing the water and installing drain plugs. We may use anti-freeze or other chemicals to keep the plumbing lines from cracking. When you’re ready to open your pool in the spring, we are here to help you sanitize the surfaces and get the pump running.

    Pool Tile Cleaning

    You should not wait to clean pool tiles until grime makes an appearance. Glass, ceramic, or mosaic tiles, each needs a separate cleaning process. You cannot scrub them rigorously, or you risk damage.

    Abilene pool tile cleaning service uses a distinctive bead to clean the tiles without damaging them. We get rid of the mineral deposits and ugly brown stains caused by dirt or water hardness. We remove algae and stabilize the pool pH levels.

    Hot Tub and Spa Service

    Your hot tub or spa is where you relax after a tiring day after work, so you are more likely to bring in more pollutants. As you rejuvenate, sweat, dead skin, hair, and other contaminants drop to the seating area, foot spaces, and spa pillows.

    With our Abilene hot tub and spa service, you can restore the spa to its original, sanitary condition. Premier will clean the spa shell with specially formulated cleaning agents and add bromine to the water, along with clarifiers to prevent algae build-up.

    Stone, Tile, and Deck Sealing

    A wide range of pool problems can crop up with time. Your concrete deck or pool tiles may start to show cracks, which, if ignored, can cause water penetration into the underlying pool structure.

    You can spot the first signs of trouble with the help of stone, tile, and deck sealing service in Abilene. We use concrete deck sealants that strengthen the material and improve traction, which makes the area non-slippery.

    Let your Abilene pool service company determine the best cleaning schedule for your backyard oasis. Fill in the form below to connect with Premier Pool Service for a free estimate.

    Abilene, TX

    • Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

    • Pool Opening & Closing

    • Pool Maintenance

    • Pool Filters

    • Pool Interiors

    • Pool Inspections

    • Safety Fences

    • Leak Detections

    Abilene Offers Swimming Pool Service in:

    Abilene, San Angelo, Sweetwater, Brownwood, Tuscola, and surrounding areas.

    Our professional team of pool technicians is ready to serve you and take care of all of your pool needs. When you are ready to hire the top pool service company in the USA, call us.

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