It’s that time again; in fact, it’s always time to clean the swimming pool. Keeping up with pool maintenance is crucial to your safety and longevity of your swimming pool. There’s also the decision whether you want to have your swimming pool open in the winter or not. I mean, no one wants to swim in a dirty swimming pool, and there are various ways to keep your swimming pool clean. There are different pool supplies you can use and different pool maintenance tricks to learn that will help you keep your swimming pool clean. Even in the winter months, taking care of your swimming pool is important. Especially if you live in areas where it doesn’t get cold in the winter season. You have the option to close your swimming pool up for the winter, or leave your swimming pool open.

Keeping your Swimming Pool Open

There are Pros and Cons to leaving your swimming pool open. Here are some reasons to keep your swimming pool open for the winter.

The cost to open and close your swimming pool will be significantly less. Think about the money you’re saving when you keep your swimming pool open. You don’t have to go through the winter maintenance prep. There is no need to drain the filters and put them in storage, or break out the swimming pool cover. You won’t have to worry about the condition of your swimming pool because it’ll be open during the winter.

When you keep your swimming pool open during the winter it is better for your pool equipment. The pumps and filters are still working to keep water flowing, which means it will run better in the summer; where as, if you were to turn off the pump and drain the filter, it might have a harder time cranking back up in the summer.

Keeping your swimming pool open during the winter means you don’t have to use as many chemicals to keep it looking clean and sparkly if you were going to close your pool, and continuing your pool maintenance throughout the winter means your pool will be cleaner than if you closed it up and put a bunch of chemicals in it and hope for the best. Algae is less likely to grow, you won’t have to worry about debris creating dirt in your swimming pool because you’ll be there to clean up along the way.

Closing your Swimming Pool

Some of the factors to why you may want to close up your swimming pool for the winter is, when you close your swimming pool there is a process, which includes sealing your swimming pool with a pool cover. The pool cover is designed to keep out any of the excess rain and snow that may fall, as well as dirt and debris that could fly into your swimming pool from the wind. This is a minor factor that could help with your swimming pool maintenance.

One of the most important factors is that if you live in a place where it gets extremely cold, there is a chance that your pool pipes could freeze and crack. This causes greater damage and is costly to repair, which is why some pool owners drain their pool pipes and filters completely and store them away for the winter. It is better to keep your swimming pool open and let the water filter through the pipes, so you can prevent them from freezing and cracking, which will save you money in the long run.