How To Keep Frogs Out Of Pools

How to keep frogs out of your pool

If you have a backyard pool, chances are you don’t want frogs in it. You may have seen one or two hopping around your yard and fallen in love with their cute frog faces, but having them in your pool is a different story. Here are a few tips on how to keep frogs out of your pool so you can enjoy a frog-free swim.

1. Consider the landscape around your pool. If your pool is surrounded by trees, bushes, or other vegetation, it’s more likely that frogs will take up residence near your pool. To make your pool less attractive to frogs, trim back any vegetation that is close to the pool area. You may also want to install a fence around your pool to keep frogs out.

2. Take a look at the water quality in your pool. Frogs are attracted to stagnant or dirty water, so if your pool is clean and well-maintained, it’s less likely that frogs will want to hang out in it. Be sure to regularly clean your pool and remove any debris that has accumulated on the bottom. You should also make sure the pH level of your pool water is balanced – neither too acidic nor too alkaline. If you have a saltwater pool, this will help keep the water balanced and discourage frogs from setting up shop.

3. You can try using some frog-repellent products to keep them away from your pool. There are many different brands and formulas available, so do some research to find one that will work best for you and your situation. Apply the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to reapply as needed – especially after heavy rains or after you’ve cleaned your pool.

With just a little bit of effort, you can enjoy a frog-free backyard swimming experience all season long!

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