Hot Tub Foam Causes and Solutions

hot tub foamThere’s nothing quite like enjoying an evening in your hot tub or spa at the end of a long workday or after a workout. Soaking in hot water soothes sore muscles and the soul.

It’s tempting to go right from your car or the gym into the inviting water. However, doing so can cause hot tub foam.

While visions of a bubbly bath might seem inviting, hot tub foam is not ideal. And, hot tub foam can be a challenging issue to address. Let’s start with a look at what causes this water quality issue:

Hot Tub Foam Causes

  1. Hair and body care products such as shampoo, body wash, deodorant, makeup
  2. Laundry detergent or soap
  3. Food, drinks
  4. Chemical imbalance (High pH and Total Alkalinity levels)
  5. Soft water, calcium hardness too low
  6. Biofilm

Now that we are aware of what can cause hot tub foam, we can diagnose the problem via some basic testing:

Diagnosing Hot Tub Foam

The key to effective treatment is first determining the cause of the foam. There is a good chance that your water is out of balance. Test your pH and calcium levels.

If the balance of the water is fine but your sanitizer levels are low, the issue could be caused by biofilm buildup. Add more sanitizer and test your water again the following day. If the sanitizer level is low again, you likely have a biofilm issue.

If your water is balanced and reflects good sanitizer levels, the issue could be the result of body or haircare products, or even food and drink residue.

avoid hot tub foamPreventing Hot Tub Foam

Depending on what your sleuthing has discovered, there are measures that you can take to prevent future hot tub foam problems. If you’ve discovered that your chemicals were imbalanced, you may need to test more often.

Using top-quality chemicals will not only help keep hot tub foam at bay, but they can protect your investment. Avoid cheap chemicals that may cause a buildup of surfactants.

Ensure that you always have the right testing equipment and chemicals on hand, and maintain a schedule, so that you can keep the water balanced.

You can also prevent hot tub foam by making sure that all participants shower before soaking. Rinsing off soaps, shampoos and other chemicals can help keep your hot tub clean and foaming under control. Even rinsing bathing suits in clean water can help. It’s best to avoid dunking your head under the water, too.

Enjoying your favorite libation as you soak may be your ideal way to spend an evening, but it’s best to keep sugary or alcoholic drinks away from the hot tub, to eliminate the chance that something could spill into the water.

Understand that adding chemicals may not be enough. You may need to drain your hot tub and start with fresh water and chemicals.

With proper care and attention, hot tub foam does not have to become problematic. Leave the bubbles for the bathtub and enjoy a clean and clear hot tub experience.

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